Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 131

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“You’re talking about the de Armas, right?”

Seeing that Maisie already knew about it, Erwin nodded and continued without hesitation. “I want to
wait until you’ve attained certain achievements in life before I tell you more about her.

“Zee, even if you were to know something about her in the future, don’t blame your mother. In fact, your
mother loved you very much. She knew that the Vanderbilts would mistreat you after her death, so
that’s why I showed up.” Erwin sent Maisie to the door.

Maisie got in the car and left after bidding goodbye.

Not far away, Willow, who had been following Maisie around the city, was sitting in the car at the
moment. She was grasping the steering wheel tightly with both hands and took out her cell phone as
soon as she saw Maisie coming out of the strange man’s house.

Looking at the photos on her phone, she gave off a wicked expression and smirked.

‘B*tch, I finally have something on you!’

At the Vanderbilt manor…

Leila walked out of the bathroom wearing a sexy nightdress, but she was extremely aggrieved to see
Stephen falling asleep so early.

‘He hasn’t touched me since last night just because Mother mentioned that b*tch, Marina Gonzales.

“But I can’t give up.

She crawled to Stephen’s side, hugged him, and kissed him. “Dear…”

Stephen sat up abruptly and pushed her away. “How can you still be so shameless at such an age? I’ll
sleep in the study.”

Leila watched as Stephen left her behind so mercilessly. She was so ferocious that her cheeks were

‘How am I, a living woman, not comparable to that dead b*tch!?

‘But if Stephen really loved Marina, why would he give me a chance back then? Or, are men all
unfaithful beasts? Is he starting to think about his ex-wife now that he’s grown tired of me?’

Seeing that nothing had really happened these days, she could not stand not doing anything and
waiting for her demise. She then thought of something, and a glimmer of viciousness flashed across
her eyes.

Stephen Vanderbilt, since you don’t want to touch me, then don’t blame me for this.’

Willow came to the Blackgold Group to find Maisie. She had come to the 16th floor, and Kennedy’s

expression dimmed slightly when he saw her. “Ms. Vanderbilt, why are you here?”

“Am I not allowed to come to visit my sister?” Willow crossed her arms and gave off an arrogant

Kennedy chuckled and said, “You’re not welcome here. You should go back.”

“Aren‘t you just Maisie’s lackey? What rights do you have to drive me away? Get Maisie to come out
here to see me!” Willow’s attitude worsened.

Maisie walked out of the elevator and happened to hear what Willow said. Her eyes turned gloomy
instantly. “Why aren’t you staying at home to avoid the limelight? You actually have the guts to come

here and create a stir?”

After seeing her, Willow gave off a cold smirk and was about to say something, but she then saw Nolan
coming out of the elevator.

She was delighted. “Nolan…”

Nolan’s eyes looked nonchalant. “What are you doing here?”

Seeing Nolan’s indifferent attitude toward her, Willow bit her lip and explained, “Nolan, I’m here to give
you the truth. Don’t be deceived anymore. You don’t know what Maisie has done behind your back!”

Nolan took a glance at Maisie and squinted. “Oh? Then tell me, what did she do?”

Willow glared at Maisie furiously. “Nolan, you might not know about this, but Maisie came out of
another man’s house last night. She actually stayed at that man’s house for more or less an hour!”

Maisie frowned slightly.

‘I came out of another man’s house last night? Isn’t that Uncle Erwin’s house? Is she stalking me?

‘And this is the reason she has come all the way here with such an aggressive attitude?’

Seeing Nolan’s eyes were fixed on Maisie, Willow felt that he should have taken her words to heart.
Thus, she gave off an innocent look. “Nolan, … I just can’t bear to see her deceiving you and toying
with your feelings, so I’ve come to tell you this.”

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