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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 133

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Chapter 133

‘I’ve actually fallen to this point!’

Maisie returned to her office calmly.

“Thank God, the dbag has left.’

“Zee!” As soon as Maisie turned around, she was sturdily bear-hugged by Ryleigh. “Hey, how can you
not tell me that you’re no longer working in Vaenna?!”

Ryleigh was dumbfounded for a split second, let go of Maisie abruptly, and sniffed her body. “Why d o
you smell of men’s perfume?”

Maisie’s heart trembled, and she looked away calmly. “Really?” “Yes!” Ryleigh sniffed again and
frowned slightly. “It’s one of the Gucci colognes, and this fragrance is rather familiar. Ah, isn’t it from Mr.

Maisie pushed her head away. “Are you a dog? Why are you looking for me?”

“We haven’t seen each other in quite a while, and you don’t even miss me? Hmph, you really are the
type of woman who places her boyfriend before her best friend.” Ryleigh snorted with her arms crossed
in front of her chest.

Maisie walked to her desk and sat down. “Hehe, aren’t you dating a man too?”

“That’s not a date. My dad insisted on dragging me out to eat with that man. You should know that my
dad nags about my marriage all day long. He can’t wait to marry me off at this instant!”

Ryleigh walked to the desk and said coquettishly, “Zee, you have to help me.”

“How can I help you?”

“I don’t want to go home nowadays. By the way, have you sold the beachfront villa that you stayed i n
before this? If you haven’t sold it, can I go there to hide from my dad for a while?” Ryleigh grabbed her
hand with a pitiful expression.

“You can live there. I haven’t sold that villa yet.”

Ryleigh was so touched that she teared up. “Zee, you’re the best. You’re really my saving grace!”


She even kissed her hand excitedly after saying so. 1

Maisie felt helpless.

Within a few days, a photo that appeared on the Internet aroused plenty of heated discussions.

The rumors of #Erwin Lincoln Seeing A Mysterious Woman# had created huge waves on the Internet.
Some netizens even tagged #Erwin Lincoln# in all the posts.

Just when the netizens were all engaged in the discussions, #Erwin Lincoln# posted a post through his
Twitter account.

#Erwin Lincoln#: What’s wrong with me playing a game of chess with my niece for an hour?

Maisie laughed when she saw this comment, and she even retweeted and commented on the post.

#Maisie Vanderbilt#: Uncle @Erwin Lincoln, should we extend it to a two-hour game in the future?”

#Nolan Goldmann#: ???

#MelonLover# @Nolan Goldmann, Sir, do you have a lot of questions?

#Under The Lemon Tree#: I smell jealousy.

#LilFish xoxo BigFish#: Mr. Goldmann is getting anxious. He’s anxious, and he’s come with a lot o f
questions in mind!

#Helios Boucher#: @Nolan Goldmann, even an old man like you is on Twitter now?

The Internet exploded as soon as Helios appeared on Twitter.

One of them was a bigshot in the entertainment industry, while the other was a big deal in the business
circle. The first interaction between the two big guns almost paralyzed Twitter’s server.

At this time, they even made it up to the No. 1 spot in the Google Trends abruptly, winning one billion
clicks in less than an hour. This piece of news was so popular that it kicked Erwin and Maisie off the top
spot and even buried the rumor six feet under almost instantly.

Willow had originally wanted to see Maisie being assaulted by the netizens, but she almost cried when
she realized that most of the comments were causing havoc but creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Seeing that her daughter was feeling more and more aggrieved, Leila felt downcast. “Willie, don’t b e
angry. It’s not good for your health.”

“Mom, why can that b*tch escape every time? No matter what I do to deal with her, it’s always useless!”

Willow was not reconciled with her defeat.

Leila also pondered. “I’m surprised too. That b*tch has been doing so well ever since returning to
Zlokova. I wonder if someone is helping her from behind the curtains!”

Leila really could not understand how that wh*re not only had become a world-renowned jewelry
designer after leaving the country but also had been doing so well after returning to her homeland with
those three b*stards.

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