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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 134

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Chapter 134

‘Even Mr. Goldmann was enchanted by her, while Willie has suffered a lot after trying to deal with that
b*tch several times!’

She thought about it carefully and had the hunch that someone was helping Maisie behind the scenes.
Otherwise, how could she be so confident!?

‘Even Mr. Goldmann has been deceived.’

What surprised her even more was that Erwin, who was quite powerful in the upper-class circle,
actually addressed Maisie as his niece!

‘Could it be that Erwin is the one who has been helping her from behind the curtains? But Erwin is also
in his 40s. He’s about the same age as me. If he’s saying that Maisie is his niece, could it be… That
woman, Marina Gonzales!’

Leila could not help but fall into deep thought. Having said that, although she had never seen Marina,
she had heard about her.

‘Marina helped Stephen to establish a foothold in Bassburgh by starting Vaenna Jewelry. It’s
conceivable that she was a capable woman.’

Unfortunately, Leila really did not know much about her identity.

‘Marina didn’t live long and died of illness right after Maisie celebrated her seventh birthday. If she
hadn’t died at such a young age, how could Willie and I be brought back to the Vanderbilts?

‘It seems that I’ll have to investigate Marina’s identity. It’ll be even more difficult for us to deal with
Maisie in the future if she’s really related to Erwin.’

At the Royal Academy of Music…

Colton performed a piano duet with another classmate of his in an academy ranking selection in the
golden hall and played the song “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The lecturers in the audience were all
surprised by Colton, who was very young but performed extraordinarily.

His performance was even more brilliant and smooth than the classmate who was playing beside


Sure enough, Colton was given an S-grade and entered the finale of the ranking selection.

When Colton went backstage, he was stopped by a few older classmates. “Hey, I heard that you’re a
b*stard who doesn’t have a father. Were you cheating?”

Colton’s expression turned sulky when he heard the words “a b*stard who doesn’t have a father”.

“Since when did you assume that I don’t have a father?”

The boy who led the group of bullies said while pushing Colton repetitively, “We heard people talking.
You’re just a kid who doesn’t have a father!”

Colton’s small hands were clenched. He then saw someone all of a sudden and fell to the floor


It just so happened that the boy’s hand had been stretched out, and Colton was sitting on the floor as if
he had just been pushed.

“Hey, you little b*stard, am I so scary that you’ve peed in your pants?” The boy started showing off
when he saw him fall like this.

“What are all of you doing?”

The little boys trembled when they heard the voice. They slowly turned their heads, and their little faces
changed in an instant.

They might have been able to get by this incident unnoticed if it were to be anyone from the academy,
but the person that they ran into was Professor Lucas, who had the most vicious mouth and the worst


Louis took a glance at Colton, who was sitting on the floor, and then glanced at the boys with his arms
crossed in front of him. “Have you become addicted to bullying your classmates?”

The boys lowered their heads one after another. “Professor Lucas, we’re sorry.”

After saying so, Louis helped Colton up.

Louis was worthy of being the walking signboard of the Royal Academy of Music. Colton had looked
into him beforehand-he was a violin major, and his father was a famous violinist in Zlokova. Although
he was from a family full of musicians, his background was not to be trifled with.

He may not be very old, but the students in the academy were very afraid of him because he was
notoriously bad-tempered.

“Go back to what you were doing!” The little rascals disappeared in an instant as soon as Louis said so.
Only Colton stayed on the spot and patted his pants calmly.

Louis looked at him a few times, “You actually know how to put up a show under my nose. That’s rather

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