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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 140

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Chapter 140

Daisie laughed.

“You little rascal! What are you laughing about!?” Willow’s face turned green after hearing her laughter.
She hadn’t even started with them yet.

Ryleigh stood in front of Willow. “What are you trying to do, Willow? This is a restaurant. If you want to
go crazy, please do that in the streets, don’t disturb the patrons here.”

A man with headphones sitting at the front just wanted to have some lunch but frowned when he heard
the commotion.

This had nothing to do with him, so he wasn’t going to step in.

The other patrons looked toward them, seemingly unhappy.

The server went up to try and stop them but was chewed up by Willow. No one could have predicted
that Willow was going to throw a cup of coffee at Ryleigh.

Everyone around them stood up, startled.

“Godmother!” Waylon stood up, took off his sunglasses, and threw a glass of water at Willow.

Willow’s makeup started melting because of the water. “You horrible rascals, how dare you”

Willow angrily raised her hand to give Waylon a slap, but right when Ryleigh was going to stop her,
another person stepped in and grabbed her wrist.

The man removed his headphones, his cool face looking annoyed. “Are you crazy? Why are you, an
adult, arguing with a child?”

Willow was stunned. Seeing that everyone around was talking about her, she bit her lip hard. She was
too impulsive and forgot that they were in public.

Waylon looked at the man, who looked back at him. The man suddenly turned to Ryleigh, who was
drying herself with tissues. “Why would a mother let her child skip school?”

Waylon paused, frowning.

Skip school? Was he talking about Colton? Did this man think he was Colton?

Ryleigh stopped what she was doing and looked up at Louis Lucas. The man with dreamy eyes was
breathtakingly good-looking. He had pale skin, and his elongated, dreamy eyes went well with his high
nose bridge and full lips. He looked as though he had walked out of a romance novel!

“You, Were you talking to me?” Ryleigh pointed at herself.

Louis looked at her. “Are your ears not working? Isn’t it obvious?”

Ryleigh’s hand jolted. She had just been splashed with coffee, and now she was being called deaf?

“You’re the one who’s sick.”

Daisie tugged on her shirt. “Don’t be angry. We don’t feel like eating here anymore. Let’s go home.”

“Let’s go,” Waylon held Daisie’s hand, giving Willow a sharp stare while on the way out. “This isn’t over

Willow felt chills down her spine.

No way. That look the rascal gave her looked exactly like Nolan when he was angry. It scared her.

Louis was rooted to the spot while looking at Waylon walk away.

What was wrong with this child? Didn’t he recognize him?

No, not only did the child not recognize him, but he also looked like a different person from the kid in

“Mr. Lucas, sorry for the wait.” The waiter had the food packed and brought to him. Louis picked it up
and was going to leave when Willow spoke to him.

“Are you Mr. Lucas?”

Was it really Mr. Lucas?

Everyone in Bassburgh knew about Mr. Lucas, the musical genius. The Lucas family was one of the
richest families in Bassburgh!

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