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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 141

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Chapter 141

‘What’s more, who in Zlokova doesn’t know that my mother is the distinguished daughter of the nobility
of Stoslo?’

Louis had no feelings for this woman and did not want to pay any attention to her.

Willow stopped him. “I’m sorry, I was too impulsive just now. I still have to thank you. You’re the

one who caught me in time…”

“You let go of-” Louis’s gaze landed on the bracelet on Willow’s right hand, and his expression changed
to one of shock. He grabbed her hand abruptly and asked, “Where did this bracelet come from?”

Willow was flustered.

‘Why would he ask me about this bracelet?’

“Answer me!”

“This… This is…” Willow felt that he cared a lot about this bracelet.

‘Could it be that the bracelet left by that wh*re’s mother has any connection with him? If that’s the case,
then I…

She bit her lip and answered, “It’s a gift from my mother.”

Louis stared at her closely and asked word by word, “Is your mother Marina?”

Willow felt a little guilty.

‘How could Marina be my mother? But what’s the relationship between Marina and the Lucas family?

She asked cautiously, “Do… Do you have anything to say about that?”

“Hehe.” Louis smiled mockingly. “The daughter of my aunt is actually someone like you?”

‘Aunt? Marina is Louis’ aunt?! In other words, that b*tch is his cousin!

‘Marina is his aunt, so Marina is his mother’s sister according to seniority.

‘His mother is Larissa de Arma, the eldest daughter of the de Armas, so… that means Maisie’s mother
was also one of the members of the de Armas!

Her face turned pallid instantly.

‘How so? That b*tch’s mother turns out to be a noblewoman!?’

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Willow…”

“Give me your number, and I’ll contact you in the future.”

Louis saved her cell phone number and left without looking back. If he had not seen the bracelet that
looked exactly like the one that his mother wore on her wrist, he would never have believed that this
woman would turn out to be his aunt’s daughter, the one his mother had been looking for all this while.

‘This annoying woman turns out to be my cousin.

Willow returned to the Vanderbilt manor in a petrified and bewildered mental state. Leila suddenly
became worried when she saw her daughter’s expression. “Willie, what’s the matter with you? Why do
you look so distressed?”

“Mom… That b*tch’s mother is a member of a noble family known as the de Armas.”

Leila looked shocked. “What are you talking about?”

Willow grabbed her mother’s hand agitatedly and recounted what happened earlier today. Leila was
even more shocked than her. She even picked up the bracelet that Willow was wearing and took a
glance at it.

‘Mr. Lucas actually thought Willow was Marina’s daughter just because of Marina’s bracelet!

‘D*mn! That b*tch turns out to be a noblewoman! She’s a member of the nobility of Stoslo, which is also
related to the royal family. That’s something that the Vanderbilts can never compete with in this lifetime!

The Lucas family was originally only a famous family of violinists. It was the marriage between the son
of the Lucas family and the daughter of the de Armas that catapulted them into the upper class circle of
Zlokova and gave them the extraordinary status that they had today.

‘Marina turns out to be the descendant of the de Armas, which means that that b*tch is also a

“Mom, what should we do now?”

“You can’t let your Dad know about this, and neither can Grandma know about it.” Leila grabbed Willow
by the shoulder. “Nor should you let that b*tch know.” 1

“Mom, could it be…” Willow stared at her mother with a hint of astonishment.

A ruthless beam was flashing from the bottom of Leila’s eyes. “Since Mr. Lucas thought that you’re
Marina’s daughter, we should just play along with the flow and snatch Maisie’s identity from her!”

‘Snatch Maisie’s identity from her!?’

Willow could not help but feel nervous. She did not expect her mother’s thoughts to be the same as the
idea that had flashed across her mind for a split second.

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