Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 132

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Willow did not forget to add a sentence. “Don’t be captivated by her lies anymore!”


Indeed, in her opinion, Nolan had been captivated by Maisie. And Maisie was the seductive vixen who
had hooked up with her man and stolen his heart.

Maisie crossed her arms, her expression looking indifferent as if the person Willow was talking about
was not her.

Nolan raised his hand and lifted Maisie’s chin as the corners of his lips twitched slightly. “Is that real?”

Maisie did not respond.

But in the eyes of all the bystanders, Mr. Goldmann was nowhere near being angry!

Maisie sighed. “Yes, I stayed at that man’s place for an hour last night.”

Willow did not expect that she would admit it, so she tried to add fuel to the fire. “Nolan, did you hear
that? I didn’t lie to you. She’s-”

“What did you do in that hour?”

“I did everything that was supposed to be done.” Maisie smiled.

Everyone present gasped.

‘Is she asking for an ugly death!?’

Nolan pressed his thin lips together tightly and lifted her all of a sudden.

“Aah! What are you doing? Nolan Goldmann, let me down, you dbag!” Maisie was exasperated.

‘He actually carried me in front of other people.’

Nolan carried her to her office.

Willow, who was left in place, was stunned as her expression gradually became embarrassed.

‘Why did it turn out so? Nolan doesn’t believe in me?’

“It really doesn’t look like Mr. Goldmann is angry at Ms. Zora.

“He looks jealous at first glance instead of angry. It seems that somebody has failed to sow discord.”

“Shut up! What do you know!?” Willow yelled at those people.

The staff members ignored her and departed one after another, leaving Willow alone at the scene. She
was trembling due to pure wrath.

‘D*mn it! I don’t believe that the Goldmanns would still accept such a misbehaving and shameless
woman after the photo has been exposed!’

In the office…

Nolan put Maisie on the desk, and Maisie was so angry that she punched him. “Nolan, have you lost
your mind? You know very clearly where I went last night. If you believe in what she said, then you
should just-Umm!”

Nolan sealed her chattering mouth and bit her lips. “Then why did you answer my questions with such
ambiguous answers on purpose?”

He obviously knew that she had been to Erwin’s house last night, so he would definitely not believe in
Willow’s words.

‘It’s just that this woman wants to piss me off.’

“Let me go!”


Maisie lifted her leg in an attempt to kick him, but he grabbed her calf, causing her to not be able t o sit
still and fall backward, bringing him along as she fell.

Maisie was dumbfounded.

Seeing her messy hair scattered on the table, she looked very lovely. Nolan’s Adam’s apple rolled, and
a flame was ignited within him.

“Do you know what I want to do now?” He lowered his hoarse voice.

Maisie trembled from head to toe as she noticed something and tried to push his body away from her.
“You said that you wouldn’t force me!”

“But I’ve regretted saying so.”

Nolan’s gaze was getting fierier the more he looked at her. He stared at her as if he was an apex
predator and she was his prey.

Maisie knew that this man had already lost all his rationality,and she was the one to blame. She should
not have said such things!

“Zee…” He lowered his head and kissed her.

Maisie trembled slightly.

‘I’m done if this continues!’

“Nol… Nolan, wait a second, I can help you…” It took Maisie a lot of courage to utter those words, and
her cheeks blushed as she said so.

She was afraid and still could not imagine the both of them hitting the home run, so she could only
escape such situations whenever a chance was presented to her.

Nolan smiled softly. “Are you sure?”

Maisie did not look at him and only nodded.

Maybe the people outside of the room could not think of what was happening inside, Maisie felt that it
was a torment, and it was a very shameful one.

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