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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 145

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Chapter 145

‘Vaenna Jewelry was frequently in the limelight some time ago, not to mention that this young lady
named Willow Vanderbilt was deeply involved in the scandal that framed Ms. Santiago.

‘If it wasn’t because she had Marina’s bracelet…’

“The incident with Ms. Santiago, is it really your doing?”

“That isn’t my doing.” Willow pretended to be aggrieved. “I got framed. I don’t even know Ms.. Santiago,
and I don’t know why she would frame me.”

Larissa put the coffee cup down. “How come you and your mother Marina are so different in

The sentence almost choked Willow as her heart skipped a beat.

‘Is she suspecting something?’

Willow’s forehead was perspiring imperceptibly, and her expression looked embarrassed. for more visit
:-“My… M y mother passed away when I was very young. A nanny brought me up.”

“Is it?” Larissa scrutinized the young lady in front of her

‘She’s very obsequious and extra careful. She’s indeed very different from Marina.

‘Marina ran away from home decades ago, and there was not even a word about her. If it weren’t for
this bracelet. I wouldn’t even dare to conclude that…?

“Since you’re Marina’s daughter, you should call me aunt from now on. Louis is your cousin. Just call
him whenever you need help.”

Willow tried her best to conceal the pride at the bottom of her eyes and behaved very implicitly.”
Understood, aunt.” 1

All she could think about before she came here was her mother’s advice, saying that Maisie must not
obtain Vaenna Jewelry.

‘But judging from Vaenna’s current situation, it will really not belong to the Vanderbilts anymore i f the
b*tch asks Nolan to purchase the company as a whole.

‘Although I’m not interested in owning Vaenna Jewelry, as long as it’s something that the b*tch wants to
get her hands on, I’ll definitely put up a fight and make her life a living hell!’

The next day…

Kennedy had a distressed expression as he sat in the department’s conference room with Maisie. On
the screen was Vaenna Jewelry, which the Santiagos had been suppressing the past few days. Its
stock value had actually risen by 60% overnight.

“Where did Vaenna get so much capital to cover the loss?” Maisie looked at Kennedy.

Kennedy shook his head. “I don’t know that either. This not only covered the losses that Vaenna

was facing but also provided them with so much circulating capital. Can Stephen come up with so
much money in such a short time?”

“No.” Maisie propped her chin and was deep in thought. “There’s no way that my father can raise o I
come up with $15,000,000.”

‘I know best whether the Vanderbilts have the capital to do so. Not only does Stephen not have the
ability to come up with $15,000,000, but the whole Vanderbilts family doesn’t even have that much


Could it be Willow or Leila? But where did they get so much money?’

Kennedy arrived at a lightbulb moment and asked, “Could it be that someone is helping them from
behind the curtains?”

Maisie could not explain all the details clearly.

‘That’s the only reasonable explanation, but…’

She stood up slowly, propping her upper body on the table, and her red lips slightly rose. “Things are
getting more and more interesting.”

“Zee…” Seeing that she actually laughed, Kennedy could not help but be a little worried.

She turned her head and said to Kennedy, “It’s time to contact Freddy again.”

‘I want to see who’s helping the mother-and-daughter pair from the shadows.’

At present, Madam Vanderbilt and Leila were the happiest and proudest family members amongst all
the Vanderbilts who had learned about the news.for more visit :- Especially Madam
Vanderbilt, who looked at Willow with admiration.

“Willie, it turns out that you still know such a wealthy friend. $15,000,000, oh, was it Mr. Goldmann who
gave it to you?”

Madam Vanderbilt’s attitude toward Willow had completely changed after learning that Willow was
close to Mr. Goldmann.

Now that Willow could come up with $15,000,000 to clean up the mess that Vaenna was in, it was only
natural that Madam Vanderbilt was getting more and more satisfied with her. 1

Willow did not answer the question clearly.

‘After all, I can’t say that the money actually came from the Lucas family. Wouldn’t I be exposed if this
old lady were to pay the Lucas family a visit someday in the future?’

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