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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 146

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Chapter 146

“Grandma, you can relax now that Vaenna is getting back on track.”

“How could I not relax? Vaenna is in your hands now.” Madam Vanderbilt happily smiled while holding
her hand.

Leila took the chance to say something. “Of course. Willie is the lucky star of our family. When she
becomes well known, you will be able to enjoy the rest of your life peacefully.” 3

Madam Vanderbilt was enjoying it all. Who wouldn’t wish that their family would one day become
successful so that they could enjoy life?”

The business wasn’t doing well, so she had to rely on her grandson, but the latter was a
disappointment. Hadn’t she come to Bassburgh because of Vaenna? 1

She wasn’t disappointed after coming to Bassburgh. Even if it was because of her granddaughter
instead of her grandson, it was worth it.

“It would be great if Lynn was half as capable as Willie.” Madam Vanderbilt moved the topic to Linda,
who was sitting on the couch.

Linda had been staying in the city for a while now, but Willow never brought her out to socialize. with
the affluent families. She wasn’t happy about it, but now that her grandmother was comparing her to
Willow, she was even more upset.

But no matter how bad she was, she couldn’t do worse than her cousin, Maisie, right?

That cousin of hers never showed up after the first time they met because she had been kicked out of
the family. Linda wasn’t as great as Willow, but she would be better than Maisie.

“Grandma, I knew you would bring me into this. I’m not as good as Willow, but I’m a lot better than
Maisie, right?”

Linda’s statement put Leila and Willow to shame. She didn’t mean to insult them, but they felt it


It would have been alright if she had just insulted Maisie, but it turned bad when she used her as a

Only Leila and Willow knew that they had only gotten the money by pretending to be Maisie, but she
just had to mention that Maisie wasn’t as good as Linda. Didn’t that hint that Willow was nothing
compared to Linda without the bracelet and status?

Madam Vanderbilt didn’t say anything. She would rather have Linda, the useless granddaughter, over
Maisie. At least, she was obedient.

At that moment, Freddy called, and Willow went to the balcony to answer.

Something that Freddy said made Willow happy. “Are you serious?”

Maisie had said that she was going to auction off her designs at the Summerton auction three

days later and even said that she would make the highest bid?

Willow’s eyes shone when Freedy confirmed the news.

She gave Freddy $1,600,000 to design for her. If it wasn’t because of Pearl and Maisie’s’ collaboration’
to bring her down, she would have made it in the business already.

But she was lucky. Even when she couldn’t get into the jewelry business, she had the chance to
become a noble!

Maisie was going to become the highest-paid during the auction? Haha, why would Willow let this
opportunity slip away?

It was time for her to fight back!

She thought of something and said, “Freddy, go find out what she’s auctioning and find a way to get
something that looks exactly the same!”

She was going to put an exact replica before Maisie’s item went up for auction and call her out for
plagiarism when she presented hers.

Willow was excited to see how the international jewelry designer would survive in this business after

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