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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 150

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That meant that there were two ‘Peacock’s Pride’.

That was the first time a situation like this had occurred at Summerton.

“Would the international designer copy someone’s work?”

“They’re a world-renowned designer. Why would they plagiarize? It was probably the new designer
Willow who plagiarized.”

The discussion grew louder and louder.

Larissa waved for one of the bodyguards to approach, whispered something to him, and he left.

The bodyguard said something to the crew, and the crew made an announcement. “I’m sorry, we are
facing some technical issues. I’m afraid we need to put the auction on hold. We suspect that one of the
items has been plagiarized, so we’ll launch an investigation immediately.”

“So it really was plagiarism?”

“It’s so rare for plagiarized items to show up at an auction,” someone said out loud.

The two items were placed on stage, and an appraiser was asked to do an appraisal. If there really was
plagiarizing, it would be a huge problem.

Helios looked at Maisie, who was still smiling. “You’re not afraid?”

Maisie smiled. “I’m in the right.”

The appraiser said something to the crew, and the crew confirmed, “They’re all real jewels?”

The appraiser nodded.

As to why this happened, it was most likely due to plagiarism.


A clear voice came from the first floor.

Everyone looked up at the woman in a white dress with a masquerade mask on speaking calmly,” You
probably would be able to tell the difference between the two jewels used, right?”

Willow looked at Maisie, who was across her, gnashing her teeth. What game was this woman playing?

The appraiser took a few good looks and suddenly found the difference. “They’re using different
stones. The first one is just using a normal sapphire, but this one-”

The appraiser exclaimed, “This… This is tanzanite!”

When Madam Nera, who was in the Peach Room, heard the word tanzanite, the hand that was holding
a teacup froze. She remembered something and turned to the female bodyguard next to


The bodyguard nodded and walked toward the window. “Our madam would like to see both items o n
the large screen.”

The crew knew who was in the Peach Room, so they didn’t dare to object.

The two identical peacock blue items were projected on the giant screen.

Everyone was in awe.

The items looked exactly alike, but they could see that the second Peacock’s Pride had a hint of purple
in the blue gem when they looked closely. It was a rich and elegant color. The melee diamonds on the
tail feathers were aquamarine gems that came in gradient shades of blue.

The open tail didn’t clash with the brilliance of the main stone but instead perfectly brought out the soul
of the item-tanzanite blue.

When the crowd learned that it was tanzanite, the price on the screen zoomed upward.

Willow was flustered. ‘What, what’s going on? Didn’t sapphire work just as well?’

She chewed on her nail. ‘No, did Maisie frame me?’

She turned around, but Louis was staring straight at her, his eyes filled with confusion.

She shuddered and tried to speak. “I—”.

“To be honest, I wouldn’t believe it if you said that Zora copied your design.” He had no idea why, but
he really couldn’t feel any love for this cousin of his.

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