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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 151

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Chapter 151

‘Maybe it’s because of the incident at the Michelin restaurant?’

Louis’ words changed Willow’s expression.

Fortunately, Larissa did not say anything, which made her calm down a little.

The price on the screen stopped at $266,000,000!

And the last person to tender a bid was Madam Nera from the Peach Room.

Maisie was surprised and curiously looked at the distinguished guest of the Peach Room. The person
who was sitting at the window turned out to be Madam Nera!

The price that had stopped rose again to $282,000,000 abruptly!

The audience was astounded.

The auctioneer was stunned for a moment and then slowly said, “Congratulations to the distinguished
guests from the Stork Room located on the second floor…”

Maisie turned her head and looked at Helios. “Mr. Boucher, you…”

Helios gave off a faint smile. “A brilliant masterpiece is worth the price.”

Madam Nera frowned when she looked at the person who was sitting in the Stork Room.

‘It turns out to be that kiddo from the Bouchers?’

“The value has gone up again!”

When Maisie heard the voice coming from downstairs, she turned her head and looked at the screen.
The $ 282,000,000 had suddenly become $313,000,000.

‘Who in the world is so freaking rich!?’

“Congratulations to the distinguished guests from the Peach….”

“Congratulations to the distinguished guests from the Stork…”

“Congratulations to the distinguished…”

The auctioneer was stunned by the ever-increasing prices on the screen. She stopped announcing it in
the end and just stood there, watching as the number kept growing.

The price on the screen had become $470,000,000 in such a short period of time.

The buyers in the audience did not even bother to look at it anymore. There was no way that they could
beat the capitalists on the second floor when it came to spending money.

Maisie grabbed Helios as cold sweat beads were starting to form on her forehead. “Forget it, Mr.
Boucher. You don’t have to bid anymore.”

She had a faint idea of who was the guest in the Bamboo Room.

‘Who else could it be apart from him!?’

Helios already knew who was the guest in the Bamboo Room and sneered when he saw Maisie’s
nervous look. “It’s okay. I’m only bidding for fun. He doesn’t need the money anyway.”

Maisie was rendered speechless. ‘A best friend who would set up his friend… This fella really knows
how to be Nolan’s best friend.’

The thin lips of the man sitting in the Bamboo Room were tightly pressed until the person under the
stage rang the bell and announced, “Congratulations to the VIP from the Bamboo Room for
successfully bidding the second Peacock’s Pride!”

Another round of applause came from the audience.

The highest price-$470,000,000-struck for the night. Maisie had done it, but she could not feel happy!

There was a knock on the door of the Stork Room.

The bodyguard opened the door. As expected, it was Quincy who was standing outside the door.
Quincy took a glance at Helios and smiled slightly at Maisie. “Ms. Vanderbilt, Mr. Goldmann is waiting
for you.”

Maisie followed Quincy to the Bamboo Room and really saw Nolan sitting on a soft cushion with his
legs crossed, looking at her.

His brows were slightly creased while his thin lips were slightly opened. “Have you gotten together with

‘Not only did this woman not tell me anything about coming to an auction house, but she also went into
Helios’ private room. They’ve only met each other for that one time, and that b*stard already can’t get
his filthy mind off her!’ 3

‘Gotten together with him? Why does this sound a little strange?’

Maisie scoffed. “Mr. Goldmann, you really worry too much. I don’t plan to be torn apart by the fans of
the best actor.”

Nolan stretched out his hand, pulled her into his arms, sat her down, placed his palm on her waist, and
pinched her chin gently with the other hand. “You don’t have to wait for his fans to tear you apart. I’ll
tear you apart first.” 2

Maisie was rendered speechless.

Nolan looked at her. “Your objective for tonight has been achieved.” “Yes, thanks to you, Mr. Goldmann,
who spent $470,000,000 to bid for my jewelry.” Maisie pushed him away lightly Nolan’s eyes narrowed
slightly, and he held her back and pulled her waist closer to him. “How are you going to thank me?”


His breath lingered at the tip of her nose, and she felt that the hand on her waist was getting warmer
and warmer. Thus, she subconsciously jumped away from him as far as possible. “I wasn’t the one who
begged you to bid, so why should I thank you?”

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