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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 152

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Chapter 152

“Sometimes, I really dislike the things that come out of your mouth.”

“Then don’t kiss me.”

Nolan did not expect that she would say so. He frowned and pinched her chin. “You’re the one who’s
asking for it.”

He sealed her lips with his immediately.

Maisie resisted a little in his arms, but she was suddenly crushed tightly by him. He then lowered his
voice and stared at her passionately and greedily. “Don’t move around. Do you want this to turn into
something even deeper?”

Maisie did not say a single word.

“Mr. Goldman.” Quincy’s voice came from outside the door.

Maisie quickly got up and away from him.

This man is really too contemptible!

Quincy pushed the door, came in, and said, “Mr. Goldman, Madam Nera from the Peach Room invites
you and Ms. Vanderbilt… to go over to her room.”

Maisie and Nolan walked out of the Bamboo Room and ran into the Lucas family and Willow in the

When Willow saw that Nolan was still holding Maisie’s hand, her eyes could not help but tum gloomy.

‘D*mn it! I originally wanted to ruin this b*tch’s reputation, but who would have thought that she would
be able to dodge such a huge bullet again!?’

Maisie was also wearing a masquerade mask. She did not wear any high heels tonight. She was five
foot four in height and looked like a tiny kitten while she was standing beside Nolan, who was six foot
one in height.

“Madam Lucas and Mr. Lucas are here too.” Nolan spoke indifferently.

Larissa took a glance at the young lady beside him and smiled gracefully. “This must be Mr.
Goldmann’s girlfriend.”

Nolan looked at Maisie and answered, “She’s my fiancée.” Maisie was startled. She wanted to shake
his hand away, but Nolan tightened his grasp.


“My fiancée and I have something to attend to, so we’ll take our leave first.” Nolan gave off a faint smile
and took Maisie away.

Louis’ hands were clenched in his pockets, and his eyes were dimmed as he turned his head to take
another look at Nolan.

He suddenly recalled the appearances of the kids.

“They resemble Mr. Goldmann so much.’

Quincy took a peek at them and wondered deep down as he saw Willow tagging along with them. ‘This

woman actually became so close with Mr. Lucas as soon as she ascertained that she couldn’t be
together with Mr. Goldmann?’

In addition to Madam Nera, Kennedy was also in the Peach Room. When Madam Nera saw the two
walking in, she put down the teacup in her hand, looked at Maisie, and snorted. “I’ve always been
curious about what you said the other day, but I really didn’t expect you to be the genius jewelry
designer, Zora.

“Why didn’t you tell me directly that you’re Zora?”

‘I wouldn’t have realized her identity if it hadn’t been for Kennedy’

Maisie removed the mask that she had prepared for the masquerade and walked toward Madam Nera
with a smile. “Madam Nera, you wouldn’t believe me either, even if I were to explain it the other day.”

Madam Nera paused and curled her lips. “You’re right. If you couldn’t show me some real tricks, I really
wouldn’t believe that you’re Zora.”

The corners of Nolan’s lips were raised slightly. “It seems that Madam Nera likes the Peacock’s Pride
designed by my fiancée.”

Maisie glared at him.

‘Fiancée!? Nothing has been confirmed apart from the kids! “You’re quite good at concealing yourself,
huh?” Madam Nera laughed admiringly.

‘Not only did she not mention her identity as the world-renowned designer Zora that day, but she also
did not talk about her relationship with Nolan. Since she’s able to convince me with her sincere attitude,
this young lady isn’t any ordinary woman. No wonder Kennedy is willing to assist her.’

“However, you won,” Madam Nera said while looking at her.

Maisie was helpless and said in a complaining tone, “My people bid for the item, so how can that be
considered a success?”

‘Her people?’ Nolan squinted. ‘Did she just acknowledge me?’

Madam Nera shook her head with a serious expression. “Even if Mr. Goldmann didn’t bid it, I’d bid it
myself. It’s not the price but your sincerity that has moved me. At least, you’ve made everyone witness
the charm of tanzanite.”

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