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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 155

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Chapter 155

Nolan’s gaze landed on her computer’s monitor, which happened to be showing the video of Stephen’s

He frowned and placed his hands on her shoulders.

But when his fingertips touched her skin, she trembled from head to toe as if an electric current
traveled through her body.

The man stood behind her and kneaded her shoulders gently for her. Anyone would definitely suffer
from a jaw-drop if they were to witness this scene.

The exceptionally regal Mr. Goldmann would actually give someone else a massage?

Nolan suddenly suggested indifferently, ‘Do you want me to accompany you back to the Vanderbilt
manor for a meal?’

I’m sorry, but the Vanderbilts don’t welcome me. You should go to Willow if you’re looking for a free
meal – Ugh!”

‘It hurts! This dbag is actually giving it all he has!

Nolan leaned over and approached her ear. ‘I know that you’re jealous of Willow, but I’ve never taken
the initiative to go back to the Vanderbilt manor with Willow before this. Judging solely on this, you’ve
already won.”

“Hehe, then who was the person who left me on the road the other night?” Maisie chuckled.

Nolan pressed his lips together tightly, turned her chair abruptly, propped his arms on the armrests of
the chair, and circled her in front of him. “I’ll let you leave me on the road for a while so that you’ll be
able to vent your spleen. What do you think?

Maisie looked up at Nolan.

‘Am I seeing this right? Why would Nolan… Why would he change his attitude just to please me, and
he’s even begging for forgiveness?’

This domineering and unreasonable man seemed to have gotten closer to her.

Just when she was staring at him in a daze, the man’s soft lips approached her face in an instant and
they were already covering her own lips in a matter of a split second.

Maisie was taken aback. She lifted her hand to block him but could not push him away.

His breath surrounded her, but she seemed to have gotten used to this and started to respond to his

Nolan retracted his gaze and supported the back of her head as the kiss intensified. He wanted more…

“Zee…” Kennedy suddenly opened the door and rushed in.

Maisie returned to her senses instantly, pushed away Nolan, and turned her chair around immediately.



Kennedy realized that he had entered at a bad time and said, “I’ll come again later.”

He went out again and closed the door.

Nolan was not afraid of what would happen if Kennedy discovered them. He glanced at the woman’s
flushed ear and brushed his lips with his fingertips as a hint of triumph gradually surfaced in his eyes.
“If you want to go back to the Vanderbilt manor to see your father at any time, call me.”

Seeing Nolan’s departing figure, Maisie became more and more apprehensive.

‘Did I get possessed by some spirits just now? Not only did I not resist him, but I was also very

Her eyes dimmed gradually.

‘Habit is a terrible thing. I can’t get used to that…’

At the Lucas family’s mansion…

Larissa held a blue-eyed Persian cat, sat on the couch, and started grooming it.

She watched as the housekeeper brought Willow in while Willow was carrying a gift box in her hand.

She only raised her eyelids. “There’s no need to bring any gifts in the future.”

Willow bit her lips lightly and smiled. “I don’t feel too good about coming here to visit you empty

Larissa lifted her head and glanced at Willow with a nonchalant expression. “There are quite a lot of
rumors about you on the Internet recently.”

“Aunty, the rumors aren’t real, I… I was deceived by someone else.” Today, Willow had come to the
Lucas family’s mansion to explain and clarify herself.

‘Father hates me completely now. He even took Vaenna’s management rights away from me. I can only
try my best to please Madam Lucas to find myself more opportunities!

Larissa carried the cat in her arms and handed it to the housekeeper. She then squatted down to feed
the cat as soon as the housekeeper took the cat from her.

After that, she picked up a cup of coffee on the table. “You look and feel so different from your mother
that I sometimes wonder if you’re her daughter at all.”

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