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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 154

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Chapter 154

‘How could they have manuscripts that look exactly like Freddy’s!? And the date when the manuscripts
were created is earlier than those Freddy gave me!

“Willie, what the hell is going on?” Leila started acting fidgety.

Willow quickly took out her cell phone to call Freddy but could not reach him because his cell phone
had been turned off.

She was stupefied at that moment.

‘It must be Freddy’s doing!’

She immediately issued a clarification, pushed all the blame on Freddy, and claimed that Freddy Fuller
was one of Hailey & Co. Jewelry’s designers.


However, Hailey & Co. Jewelry posted a statement on Twitter within a few hours.

#Hailey & Co. Jewelry Official#: Hailey & Co. Jewelry doesn’t have a designer whose name is Freddy
Fuller, and we’ve never cooperated with @Vaenna Jewelry. A gentle reminder, all companies should
remember t o keep their eyes wide open and get to the bottom of all collaboration details before they
enter a collaboration with other companies.

Hailey & Co. Jewelry’s official post turned Willow and Vaenna Jewelry into a laughingstock in an

The netizens ridiculed that Vaenna had been deceived and even laughed at Willow’s decision to
manufacture jewelry based on stolen designs from another company. Some even made Willow’s selfie

emojis and memes,

For one whole morning, Willow had been ridiculed by groups and groups of netizens and got squeezed
into Google Trends’ top search results.

#Willow’s Talents are Stolen#

Just when Willow was sweeping all the documents and decorations off her desk exasperatedly after
reading all those posts and comments, Stephen appeared outside the office with a sulky expression.

Leila trembled and then quickly walked up to Stephen. “Dear, don’t trust those comments on the

Stephen slapped Leila, and she staggered to the side. She then covered her cheek and looked at him
in a daze.

“Take a look at the daughter that you’ve brought up. I’m extremely disappointed with the both of you.” 1

Seeing that her mother was slapped, Willow immediately looked at her father’s expression, and it was
only natural that she was very scared. “Dad, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.”

Willow ran up to Stephen, knelt to the floor, and cried. “You can hit me! I’m the one who cannot
withdraw myself from the obsession. That’s the reason I was conned by that person and did such
things. So please don’t hit Mom.”

Willow was good at putting her tears into good use and also putting herself in a vulnerable position.

Seeing that Willow was kneeling on the floor, crying her eyes out, and begging himself, he wavered.
Even though Stephen was truly enraged by Willow’s actions, he was still a soft-hearted man.

‘I was the one who pampered and spoiled her so much back then that I’ve turned her into someone like

He took a deep breath. “You don’t have to come to the company anymore in the future. I realize that I
can’t trust you to manage the company.”

Willow was stunned. She then lowered her head while biting her lips bitterly.

‘So what if I don’t have Vaenna? I still hold the identity of the daughter of the de Armas!’

In the end, Stephen came forward to apologize and assume all accountability.

Maisie’s eyes gradually dimmed when she saw the video of her father coming out to apologize to the
public on Willow’s behalf.

Although she now knew more about the past between her mother and father, she would still feel sad
when she thought about the fact that she had become an irrelevant existence to the Vanderbilts.
‘However, thinking of today’s incident, Father would most probably not allow Willow to manage Vaenna
ever again.

‘Although Father might not consider handing Vaenna to Willow in the future, it’s obvious that Leila and
Grandma still have their eyes on Vaenna.’

“What are you thinking about?” A voice came from behind her.

Maisie was so frightened that she trembled, turned her head, and rubbed her lips against his cold lips
while doing so.

Nolan was standing behind her, leaning over, and propping his upper body against the desk, so the
distance between the both of them was very close. It seemed that this was the scene that he had been
waiting for, and he was very satisfied with the outcome.


“Are you taking advantage of me?”

Maisie’s eyelashes twitched, and she moved away from him subconsciously to create distance. “Do
you think that you’re taking less advantage of me?”

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