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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 153

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Chapter 153

Probably because Madam Nera had underestimated Maisie before this, the former felt rather
embarrassed because she had almost made a bad judgment.

However, she still had to maintain her reputation, so she said proudly, “So, get Kennedy to come over
tomorrow to renew the contract. I’ll share my tanzanite supply chain with you, but in return, don’t let me

Maisie laughed. “Yes, Madam Nera.”

Nolan stared at Maisie, who Madam Nera deeply appreciated.

‘Although this woman likes to play tricks, she was able to obtain Madam Nera’s recognition without any
assistance from anyone. It’s difficult to dislike her independent and tough temperament.’

However, Nolan also felt very defeated and frustrated deep down because his woman did not want to
rely o n him!

#Zora Outclassed New Designer Willow Vanderbilt#

After the two identical auction items had been announced at the Summerton Auction Hall last night,
Zora and Willow had successfully secured themselves a spot on Google Trends.

It was apparent to the eyes as soon as the netizens looked at the comparison between the two pieces
of jewelry. Thus, everyone online started questioning and mocking Willow’s act of plagiarizing Zora’s
design, which did not turn out too well.

Some netizens even uploaded pictures of gothic-style masterpieces that Willow had put forward before
this. The details of all the designs looked very similar to those vintage jewelry designs that Zora had

come up with while she was abroad. There were only minor changes in the design language.

2 were

#SoutherWood#: Willow really did plagiarize in order to get famous, didn’t she?

#Peppa’s Hammer#: Zora’s design doesn’t have a dominant design language. Through her design
language, embellishments have always been finishing touches that would shock the public visually all
the time. Her designs have always looked very comfortable, non-conflicting, and simple.

#Sh*tsackNetizen#: I believe that all designers have their own style. It’s just that Zora is more famous.
It doesn’t necessarily mean that Willow has plagiarized her designs.

Many reporters gathered at the entrance of Vaenna Jewelry, and Willow had been hiding in her office
and did not dare to go out.

She trembled out of wrath upon seeing that most of the online posts and comments questioned her
plagiarism act.

Leila looked out of the window, saw that the reporters had refused to leave, and walked to Willow
hurriedly. “Willie, we don’t have to be afraid of anything. No matter what, the designs’ sketches are in
our possession. We can post a clarification on Twitter and Facebook now.”

‘All of Freddy’s design sketches are in my possession. As long as I publish all of them and then pay
Freddy more money to speak up on Willie’s behalf, why should we be afraid of the public’s opinion?’

Willow felt that this was indeed a way. However, her social media accounts had been blocked, so she

could only use Vaenna’s official accounts to release a statement.

Willow uploaded the sketches to prove that she was not involved in any plagiarism. She also denied
everything that had something to do with the incident from last night’s auction and claimed that she was
the first designer to release the design, denying that she had copied Zora’s work.

The statement implied that the latter was the one that should be suspected of plagiarism.

At the Blackgold Group, on the 16th floor…

When Maisie saw the statement that was posted through Vaenna’s official Twitter and Facebook
account, she knew that it was Willow’s doing.

It just so happened that her Soul Studio would be officially listed today, so she released all the products
that were designed using retro, gothic designs concept on Soul Studio’s webpage.

On Twitter….

#Soul Jewelry Studio Official#: @Vaenna Jewelry Official, During the period in which my jewelry studio
got listed, I discovered that your company has been using my studio’s original manuscripts to create
new design sketches. I didn’t want to escalate the matter, but I realized that I still couldn’t tolerate
plagiarism a t the end of the day. Please check the photos for my studio’s registration date and the date
when all the manuscripts were created.

As soon as this Twitter post was published, all netizens were in an uproar. Some questioned that Soul
Jewelry Studio was trying to use this incident as a stepping stone to catapult themselves into fame,
some questioned Willow’s plagiarism, while some others questioned that this was a PR trick that both
companies were using to create hype online. All sorts of comments could be seen on all social media

And Willow, who was sitting in front of the computer, was astonished.

‘Soul Jewelry Studio? What kind of studio is that!?’

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