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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 161

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Chapter 161

Nolan was not planning on making the next move, but he only wanted to go to sleep with her in his
arms.” Sleep.” Sensing the man’s even breathing behind her, Maisie relaxed gradually and felt
drowsiness taking over her soon.

Maisie and Nolan went downstairs together.

Stephen had already prepared breakfast personally. He smiled at the sight of Maisie and Nolan’s
arrival.“ You’re up. Have some breakfast before you head back.”

Maisie made her way to a seat and sat down in front of the table just in time to see the all dressed-up
Linda coming downstairs with Madam Vanderbilt.

“Zee, did both of you sleep well last night?”

Maisie humored Madam Vanderbilt’s enthusiastic inquiry by saying, “Hmm, we slept well.”

Madam Vanderbilt cast a look at Linda, who then made her way to Maisie smilingly. “Maisie, may I sit

Maisie said, “As you wish.”

She pulled out the chair and sat right next to Maisie. Linda said in a friendly yet reserved tone, “Maisie,
I’ve only come to the royal capital of Bassburgh recently, and there are many areas that I’m not familiar
with. Grandma told me that you’re going to take me to tour around the city and familiarize myself with it.
You won’t mind doing that, right?”

Linda had been counting on Willow before this, but she did not plan to count on her anymore. It was
because she knew that she would stand a chance to get close to Nolan as long as she hung around


A man as elegant and outstanding as Nolan, who was also handsome, was a rare find that even her
grandmother approved.

As long as she could draw Nolan’s attention, she believed that she could seduce Nolan from Maisie
with her beauty for sure. 2

Her grandmother had told her that men did not like powerful women, but they preferred women who
were gentle, caring, and loving even more.

After all, her uncle was such an example. Had he not gotten himself a mistress in the end after
abandoning his powerful, capable wife?

Hence, she believed that she would be able to serve Nolan properly in view of her personality!

Noticing that Maisie was not speaking, Stephen said with a solemn expression, “Your cousin and her
fiance still have matters to attend to. They don’t have the time to show you around.”

Madam Vanderbilt put in a good word for Linda, “How can you not have the time? It’s fine to show her
around the company too. Linda is Maisie’s cousin after all, so what’s wrong with her taking her cousin
along when she runs errands?”

Madam Vanderbilt knew that her granddaughter had feelings for Nolan. She was planning on living off

Maisie, but it was very hard for her to exercise control over the idiotic girl Maisie.

Only Linda would obey her.

She would be very proud if she could turn the relationship between Linda and Nolan into an intimate
one o I have Linda dating Nolan completely.


Maisie sneered but made no attempt to reply as she had seen through Madam Vanderbilt’s scheme.
‘Heh, no wonder she’s so close with her daughter-in-law Leila. Birds of a feather flock together.’

“Sure.” Maisie smirked and said, “It’s only that not everyone is permitted to enter Nolan’s company. If
you really want to go so badly, I have an opening for a helper in my office. You may come and work as
an intern.”




Nolan’s gaze grew colder. What is this woman doing? “What are you saying, Zee? How could you
make your cousin an intem-”

Maisie took her sweet time to interrupt Madam Vanderbilt by saying, “She’s not young anymore, so it’s
about time for her to get a job, right? If there’s something that one can do to support themselves, why
should one laze around and do nothing? After all, you have to gather an adequately good capital before
you marry a rich man too, right?”

Maisie mocked Madam Vanderbit’s teachings in just a few brief remarks.


Madam Vanderbilt had the thinking of a feudalist that valued only the male heir. Apart from the poor
upbringing of her grandson, she had taught her granddaughter to marry rich.

Moreover, was Madam Vanderbilt’s act of taking Linda to the royal capital of Bassburgh not because
she wanted to marry Linda to a rich man and secure her finances?

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