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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 170

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Chapter 170

Nolan’s phone!

Maisie almost forgot about that. She picked up her phone and called him, but it didn’t go through.

Waylon was probably wearing his phone watch. She dialed his number, but it didn’t go through either.

She was losing it. Had something happened to them?

“My brother is here!” Right after Cherie said that, Quincy and some bodyguards appeared.

“What happened to Mr. Goldmann and Waylon?”

“I’m sorry, it was my fault for not keeping an eye on them. Waylon suddenly disappeared, and I split up
with Mr. Goldmann to search, but I ended up losing them both!”

That was the first time Cherie had met a setback like that. She was very familiar with every comer of
the town, but she had lost a child who was under her nose. That was a huge disgrace.

“Mr. Goldmann probably went to find Waylon. Could they be in the wild?”

If Waylon was kidnapped, those people wouldn’t hang around a crowd. They would surely go


“What are we waiting for then? Go now!”

Cherie didn’t wait for Quincy’s command and started running.

If she couldn’t find them, she was going to lose her legs!

At the outskirts…

Waylon ran into the woods and peeked from behind a tree. He knew that the people his grandfather
had sent out were following him, so he wasn’t worried about his own safety.

Even though he felt bad for making his father sad, that was the only way to know if his mother cared
about his father!


Waylon went back behind the tree and kept quiet when he heard Nolan’s voice.

Nolan was there because he had seen a few suspicious-looking people going toward there, so he had
to check.

Who were they?

If something really happened to Waylon, he was going to end them!

When Waylon was going to let them ambush him, he heard a sound that made him freeze.

He slowly turned around. A snake suddenly popped up among the grass, a few feet away.

He slowly backed up, but the snake straightened its neck, ready to attack.

“Ouch!” Waylon squared his jaw. He tripped on a vine while trying to run. He turned his head and saw
the snake lunge at him.

When he grabbed a branch on the ground, a body flashed in front of him, and the snake bit his arm.

Nolan held the snake and threw it into the trees. He pulled out a knife and stabbed the snake, which
stopped moving after a few jolts.

“Daddy,” Waylon looked at him in shock while still sitting on the ground.

When he got up, his legs were weak because he was too afraid. He lost his balance and started rolling
down the hill, but he didn’t feel any pain.

He realized that his father was hugging him when he opened his eyes.

Nolan had Waylon in his arms. His head had hit a tree, and the snake bite on his arm started bleeding.
He was cut by the vines all over, and his white shirt was torn.

He tried to stay awake and looked at Waylon who was safe and managed to squeeze out a smile. “It’s
good … that you’re alright…”


“Mr. Goldmann! Waylon!”

At the hospital in the town…

When Maisie got the call from Quincy, she hurriedly went to see Waylon, who was sitting on a bench.
He sat there looking disheveled, with dirty clothes and dirt on his face.

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