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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 174

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Chapter 174

Maisie’s ringing phone interrupted the ambiance in the car at this very moment. The caller ID showed
that it was Kennedy.

Maisie could not help looking solemn when she picked up the call and heard Kennedy’s voice.

“Uncle Kennedy…”

Maisie arrived on the 16th floor and saw that Kennedy was discussing something with the other staff

Kennedy halted his discussion upon hearing her voice and stopped working on the task on hand to
walk toward her. “You’re back.”

“What’s going on?” Maisie assumed a stemn expression. How had something like that happened when
she was only away for three days?

Kennedy said with a stem expression, “I have no idea what happened either. It’s the Lucas family.
Other than Taylor Jewelry, they stopped all our suppliers from supplying mineral raw materials to us.”

“The Lucas family?”

Maisie assumed a solemn expression.

Could it be related to Willow?

She was under the assumption that Willow would behave herself after experiencing those incidents
initially. Yet, Willow had actually begun to make trouble again by relying on the Lucas family?

“Zee, the supply of mineral raw materials in our storage won’t last for a week, and we won’t be
receiving those mineral raw materials one week later. It’s estimated that the customized jewelry our
customers ordered will be delayed.”

Kennedy did not expect that the Lucas family would brutally suppress them just because of Willow. The
only reason the Lucas family had no respect for Nolan was because of Madam Lucas, Larissa.

“There’s no need to delay our customers.”

Maisie crossed her arms and said, “We still have a week’s time, right? Since our suppliers are
breaching our contract due to the Lucas family’s oppression, we shall seek compensation from them for
breaching the contract then.”

The Soul Jewelry Studio may be a newly-operating jewelry business, but it did not signify that they
would just submit themselves to the mercy of others!

Meanwhile, at the Goldmann mansion…

Nolan’s gaze turned cold upon hearing Quincy’s remark. “The Lucas family is brutally suppressing Soul
Jewelry Studio?”

Quincy nodded. “That’s right. I figured that it was due to Willow. Willow is dating Louis Lucas now,

Nolan’s expression tumed somber at the mention of Willow.

At the thought of how the woman had deceived him and taken Maisie’s place six years ago, he wished
that he could choke the woman to death.

He interlaced his well-defined fingers and squeezed so hard that his joints were popping loudly. He
gnashed his teeth in anger. “Since the Lucas family is going against Zee in this manner, I’d like to see

how Larissa’s going to react when she finds out that Zee is her niece.”

It would be fine even if the de Armas did not value Maisie. It would be enough that the Goldmanns
valued her

His woman needed not to be affiliated to the de Armas at all!

Since Larissa had the audacity to bully his woman, he would not be bothered to show respect to her

At Millennial Gemstone Inc…..

“You must be joking to ask for double the compensation for breaching the contract!”

A raging, highly-agitated voice resounded from the chairman’s office. The middle-aged man tossed the
breached contract document on the table and stood up. “I can see that you have a rather huge appetite
for such a small company. It was you who reached out to us to collaborate in the past. We agreed to
supply your company out of respect, yet now you have the audacity to come asking for compensation?”

There was a hint of anger in Kennedy’s eyes. “What do you mean, Mr. Parker? There’s an official
contract that clearly states that if there is a breach of contract on either party, the compensation will be
doubled accordingly. Moreover, it was you who breached the contract first!”

Mr. Parker chuckled and said, “How is that related to us, huh? It was you who offended the Lucas
family. You may take from them if you have the balls.”


Kennedy was exasperated and about to say something when Maisie, seated on the sofa with her legs
crossed, removed her sunglasses and cracked a menacing smile. “It seems that I have overestimated

Millennial Gemstone since Mr. Parker won’t even take contracts seriously.”

She stood up slowly with her arms crossed. “Since Mr. Parker isn’t willing to terminate the contract
according to the terms stated, we shall follow the legal procedures then, shall we?”

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