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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 173

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Chapter 173

Nolan’s expression was solemn.

Quincy gave her another pinch and said through his tightly-gnashed teeth, “Eat.”

Cherie remembered something else, so she said to Maisie with excitement. “Please allow me to
introduce myself, madam. My name is Cherie Lawson, and I’m the younger sister of this idiot. Mr.
Goldmann is like a big brother to us, and we have a strong friendship, so please don’t misunderstand

Maisie cracked a smile.

Whoa! Cherie’s personality is rather feisty indeed, and she is quite loquacious.

She looked toward Quincy. “So you have a younger sister too, huh?”

Quincy was frustrated. “My sister has always been with the troops all this time, so she snuck out of
theret o check you out when she found out that Nolan was coming home with you.”

“Will you please speak properly? I came after seeking permission from my commanding officer!” Cherie
was displeased.

Quincy cast her a look. “The commanding officer would have penalized you if not for his friendship with
our elder brother.”

Daisie chuckled and said, “Aunt Cherie, why are Uncle Quincy’s name and yours so strange?”

Cherie wrapped an arm around Quincy’s shoulder and said to her smilingly, “I have no idea either
because our parents named us. My eldest brother is named Hans, which is a biblical name. I’m lucky

that they named me Cherie instead of Honey, for being so sweet.”

Colton and Daisie held back their laughter.

Maisie looked toward Quincy and said, “So, could it be that Quincy is…”

Nolan said nonchalantly, “He’s named that for being quirky…”


The people seated around the dining table could not refrain from laughing.

Quincy shoved away Cherie’s hand and said with an embarrassed look on his face, “Fine then. You’re
better at making conversations than I am. Show some respect to Mr. Goldmann Sr. here, will you?”

‘Can’t you spare me some reputation? Why do you always have to expose my inside story anyway!?’

Mr. Goldmann Sr. was not offended either by the young people joking around. After all, the laughter
made the place feel more lively.

They returned to the royal capital of Bassburgh after the meal.

Maisie looked out the window in the car. The initial plan had been to stay for two days, but they had

stayed for an additional day because of Nolan’s injury.

However, after spending three days with them, she discovered that she could interact with them in
harmony and joy despite not being a real family. On the other hand, her real family members were
conspiring against each other.

“What’s on your mind?” Nola raised his hand and ran his fingers through her hair. Her soft, silky hair
glided through his palm and felt ticklish.

Maisie turned around to look at him but looked away rapidly after meeting his gaze. “Nothing. It’s just
that … your family seems to have a close relationship with Quincy and his sister.”

Nolan narrowed his eyes, chuckled softly, and said, “Their parents used to work for my grandfather, but
they were unfortunately killed in an accident. My grandfather adopted and raised them.”

Maisie was stunned. She looked at him in astonishment because she had no idea that Quincy and his
siblings had a past like this.

Nolan pulled back his arm and sat up straight. “Hans is the eldest brother of Quincy and Cherie, and
he’s now working as my grandfather’s bodyguard. Quincy is a meticulous person and is able to handle
tasks in good order other than being slightly talkative. Hence, I have him work for me.

“As for Cherie, the silly girl doesn’t like to be tied down with work, and that is why she has been
hanging around doing nothing with the troops all this time.”

Maisie lowered her gaze. “Nolan, I’ve always been very curious. What sort of family are the

The others claimed that the Goldmann family was on par with the Boucher family, whether it was their
status or power. However, the Goldmanns were different from the Bouchers in the sense that the
Goldmanns were not a noble family. They had risen to fame later on.

How had the Goldmanns attained their current status by engaging in normal business? 1

Nolan took a side glance at her and parted his tightly pursed lips to speak. “You’ll know in the future. I’ll
ensure the safety of you and the children regardless.” Maisie was stunned for a moment. She pondered

but did not comment further.

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