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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 175

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Chapter 175

“While we’re at it, we’ll show everyone what sort of crook Millennial Gemstone is that the company
refuses to give compensation after breaching a contract.”

Noticing that she was planning on making a big deal out of this, Mr. Parker was shocked. He had no
choice but to calm her down. “Hehehe. Hey girl, we’re all businessmen here, so why do you have to go
as far as that? I can give compensation but doubling the amount is,”

“I’m taking double compensation, and I won’t leave even if there’s a penny less,” said Maisie coldly.

Millennial Gemstone Inc was planning to renege on the deal because the Lucas family was their
backer, Moreover, Mr. Parker did not fear Soul Jewelry because it was an unknown, small company
new to the market.

Yet, he did not expect that he would encounter a woman that would pester him incessantly.

He figured that he should not be blamed for her gullibility.

Mr. Parker grunted. “If you wish to go to court, you’re going to have to win the case too. Let me tell you
this, you’re not going to do better than you are now after offending our company.”

“Is that so?” Maisie fiddled with the sunglasses in her hands and smiled. “Very well then. I hope that
you won’t regret this, Mr. Parker.”

Upon saying that, she left with Kennedy.

Mr. Parker let out a grunt in contempt. He refused to believe that a small, new company was capable of

Yet, his secretary came to report to him in a rush not long after Maisie’s departure, “Mr…. Mr. Parker-”

Before his secretary could finish her sentence, she was shoved away by a few bodyguards dressed in
black. Khan then entered Mr. Parker’s office with his lawyer.

Mr. Parker was stunned. He stood up slowly.

The lawyer adjusted his glasses and made his way to Mr. Parker’s table before passing his card. Mr.
Parker accepted the card in a daze.

‘Derrien Golding Esq. from the Royal Legal Fir? Is that not the lawyer who works for Erwin!?

Derriend placed a writ of summons on the table. “Mr. Parker, the Soul Jewelry Studio has entrusted me
to negotiate the breach of contract with you. I hope that you will engage in discussion with a clear mind
this time, Mr. Parker.”

The meaning of his statement was that if Millennial Gemstone Inc. still insisted on not abiding by the
compensatory damages listed in the contract, the company would absolutely lose the court case.

It was because not anyone could afford to hire a lawyer from the Royal Legal Firm!

Mr. Parker leaned against his seat in a daze with sweat trickling down his temples. ‘How is that

A small jewelry company was actually affiliated with Erwin. He realized that he was in trouble.

In the car…

“I didn’t expect that Millennial Gemstone Inc. could be so shameless. Had it not been Erwin Lincoln,

would have regarded us as pushovers.”

Kennedy was still aggrieved while he drove.

Maisie chuckled and said, “Millennial Gemstone has the audacity to deny the compensatory damages
because they have the Lucas family as their backer. I figured that the Lucas family convinced Millennial
Gemstone by promising to pay the compensatory damages, right?”

How could Millennial Gemstone have the courage to breach the contract and disregard the contract if
the Lucas family did not back them? Perhaps they had convinced them to breach the contract by
agreeing to pay the compensatory damages for them.

On the other hand, Maisie’s studio was newly established, and they had not advertised that they were a
jewelry studio under the umbrella of the Blackgold Group. In the past, Millennial Gemstone had agreed
to collaborate with them by supplying raw materials to them for the sake of money.

Other than betting on them being newcomers who could be easily bullied, Millennial Gemstone was
also betting on them not having the courage to go against the Lucas family when Millennial Gemstone
refused to pay the compensatory damages.

A call was received in the meantime.

Maisie smiled at the sight of the caller ID and picked up the call. “Hello?”

“Uh, Ms. Vanderbilt. We can discuss compensatory damages again properly. Don’t let this trifling matter
affect our relationship by taking it to court.”

The person calling was precisely Mr. Parker. Maisie smirked after noticing how courteous Mr. Parker
sounded when he spoke. “Mr. Parker, we’re going t o proceed with the court case since we’ve agreed
to take it to court. You’ve seen how our Soul Jewelry Studio is not easily bullied. You chose to breach
the contract and refused to pay the compensatory damages, so it’s not our fault for doing this.”

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