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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 177

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Chapter 177

Quincy gasped.

‘Willow is a de Arma? Shouldn’t that be Maisie?

“That’s why the Lucas family is helping Willow. She pretended to be Maisie and went to them. That
woman really doesn’t understand the concept of humility.’

“Nolan, I—”

“Your mother was Marina de Armas?” Nolan stared at her coldly. It was as if he was seeing through her,
giving her chills down her spine.

Willow’s legs almost gave way.

Nolan squinted and said, “I seem to remember that Maisie’s mother was Marina. Isn’t your mother
Leila? Hah, you’re really trying hard to get what doesn’t belong to you.”

Hadn’t she pretended to be Maisie six years ago?

Now she was reusing the same trick and stole Maisie’s identity again. Nolan was glad that he had
dodged a bullet, looking at her disgusting face. He would have hated himself otherwise.

Willow held out a hand to hold him. “Nolan, no, I was just-”

Nolan took a step back to avoid her like she was the plague. “Don’t touch me with your filthy hands.
You’re nothing compared to Maisie. You will never be good enough.”

The humiliated Willow shuddered from head to toe and bit hard on her lip.

“Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you. Even if you do get it, you’ll have to return it one day.”

Nolan left without looking back.

Willow lost all energy in her legs and collapsed on the floor, her hands clasped tightly in fists. -1

Her eyes were filled with hatred. “Maisie, I’ll make you disappear!” 1

In the afternoon…

Soul Studio was in a legal battle with Millennial Gemstone.

Millennial Gemstone was trending on Twitter because they wouldn’t pay the penalty fees for breaching
the contract.

The netizens were angry, mocking Millennial Gemstone for getting into this court case because they
looked down on a new company. They received a lawyer’s letter very soon after that.

They were requested to pay the compensatory damages as stated in the contract within three days,
and the amount was double the amount due to their breach of contract.

The contract was posted in black and white online, along with the breached terms. Even the signature
and the stamp were authentic.

That showed that Millennial Gemstone had agreed to the terms of the contract, but since they breached
it and refused to pay the penalty, the owner was crowned ‘Debtor Parker’.

Millennial Gemstone was being so badly mocked they had to come out with an official apology.

Although the Lucas family had requested the other suppliers to stop supplying to Soul Studio, they
were not as compliant as Millennial Gemstone since the latter-the biggest supplier to boot-had been set

as an example.

Since Soul Studio was able to hire the lawyers from the Royal Legal Firm, it showed that this new
company had some backing.

After Kennedy hung up, he entered the office smiling. “Zee, the other suppliers will continue supplying
us. It looks like using Millennial Gemstone as an experiment really did work.”

They didn’t need to hunt them down one by one. All they had to do was to set an example, and the rest
wouldn’t dare breach their contracts anymore.

Maisie smiled but was curious. “Uncle Kennedy, who do you think Uncle Erwin really is?”

She had visited Erwin to help find her some legal counsel, but the ones that he knew were the

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