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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 180

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Chapter 180

Madam Nera nodded. She heard about Pearl’s scandal, but she didn’t expect that it was related.

Madam Nera hummed, “The Lucases have lost their minds for helping a thief bully you. Larissa is
moving farther backward the older she gets!”

Maisie didn’t say anything.

The Lucas family was helping Willow because she pretended to be someone she wasn’t.

Maisie never thought that Willow would lie that she was Marina’s daughter. It seemed like she thought
Stephen didn’t know about her mother’s identity.

“But don’t worry. Taylor Jewelry always appreciates talent. Even if the Lucas family asked, I wouldn’t

Maisie felt relief. The other jewelry companies might be afraid of the Lucas family, but Taylor wouldn’t.

Maisie smiled. “Madam, you wouldn’t renege like the rest of them.”

After the high tea session, they left the private room together.

Maisie pushed Madam Nera’s wheelchair and enjoyed a chat with her, with a few maids and
bodyguards behind them.

However, Maisie frowned when they saw Willow coming toward them.

Willow didn’t expect to see her here, so her expression changed. “What are you doing here?”

She looked at the old woman in the wheelchair. Wasn’t she the owner of Taylor Jewelry? She had
thrown her out of Taylors the previous time.

Maisie scoffed. “You don’t own this place. Why do you care what I’m doing here?”

Willow shook with anger, but she remembered something. She crossed her arms and sneered. “Haha,
you’re just clinging on to Taylor now that your company is being comered.

“Old woman, aren’t you afraid of what the Lucas family will do if you help her?”

Willow sniggered. She couldn’t wait to see the day when everyone would leave Maisie in fear of the
Lucas family, giving her no chance to get back on her feet.

The female bodyguard standing behind Madam Nera walked to the front and said, “You watch your

Madam Nera held up a hand to stop her and smiled. “You look familiar. Aren’t you the wild woman who
caused a scene at Taylor?”

“Who are you calling wild?” Willow was burning with anger. How dare this woman look down on her!?

“The Lucas family is blind to be helping a rude woman like you.” Madam Nera wasn’t cutting her any

Maisie couldn’t hold in her laughter.

“Madam, don’t be angry. Her mother didn’t teach her well, so she’s here showing her ugly side to you.”

“How dare you mock me!” Willow gnashed her teeth. “I’m not afraid of you just because you have
Nolan and Madam Nera. You’re going to feel pain if you offend me!”

Madam Nera spoke before Maisie could. “I wouldn’t blink even if you sent ten Lucases. Go, get Larissa
to meet me and see what she’ll do to me.”

Willow was stunned. What was wrong with this old woman?

“Madam is right.” Maisie’s red lips curled. “I’d like to know what plans the Lucas family has for me. Why
don’t you bring me to see them?” Willow tumed pale, clenching her fists tightly.

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