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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 184

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Chapter 184

“What are you talking about? How could I forget about you, Nels?”

“Hehe, don’t you only come to me when you’re lonely?” Nelson placed his rough fingers on her waist.

Leila complained, “He has no interest in me, what can I do?”

‘D*mn it! If it weren’t for the sake of conceiving a son, and Stephen has been refusing to touch me
during this period, why would I come up with such an idea?

‘Stephen is the one who’s treating me like sh*t, so he can’t blame me for cuckolding him!

‘Anyway, since I was able to bring Willow back to the Vanderbilts and talk him into recognizing her as
his daughter, I can definitely give birth to someone else’s son and do the same again this time around!

Nelson laughed. “I think you’re surely here because of something else, aren’t you?”

“You do know me well, Nels.” A hint of viciousness flashed across Leila’s face as she said, “I’m here
because of only one thing. I know what those people who serve you do, so if you’re willing to do this
one thing for me, I’ll definitely pay you a considerable amount of money.”

“Oh? It sounds like a pain in the tss, huh?” Nelson said while breathing out smoke.

Leila smiled coldly. “I have to remove someone from existence for my daughter.”

The next day…

Stephen brought a brocade box to the Blackgold Group and handed it to Maisie.

“Zee, I didn’t expect that Willie would get her hands on your mother’s bracelet. Unfortunately, she broke
it. I know that you’ll have a way to restore it, but it’s being returned to its owner now.”

A bracelet was in the brocade box. However, apart from the parts that were rimmed with gold, the
whole bracelet had been shattered into pieces.

Stephen blamed himself. He had reorganized all these items because he planned to give them all to
Maisie. But he did not expect the mother-and-daughter duo to go into his study and find something that
they shouldn’t be touching.

Thinking of this, Stephen could not help but feel regret.

Maisie closed the brocade box. “I’ll restore it.”

“Zee, I won’t say anything else. As for this matter, I’ll surely teach Willie a lesson I’ve owed you too
much over all these years.”

Maisie pressed her lips together and lowered her eyes after listening to him. “Well, I’m not qualified to
say anything about you either.”

‘He’s my only relative now, so what can I do?’

“Don’t worry, I’ll divorce Leila after this.”

“You… You want a divorce!?” Maisie looked at her father in shock, perhaps because she never
imagined that her father would even divorce Leila

Stephen had been thinking about it for a long time. “If I hadn’t brought them back to the Vanderbilts for

Willie’s sake, you wouldn’t have been wronged back then. I know that you’ve been complaining and
despising me throughout all these years.

“However, both of them have crossed my bottom line by committing such a misdeed. I was the one who
brought harm to you back then.”

Stephen’s expression looked calm. Nolan had actually asked about Maisie when he called him

He did not expect that his decision to marry Leila back then would overshadow Maisie’s childhood so
seriously that she still did not believe in marriage at such an age.

As a father, he never thought that he would blight his daughter’s childhood and affect her whole life.

“Zee, Mr. Goldmann is a good man. In my opinion, he treats you very well. In fact, the most important
thing in marriage is the relationship between the two people. I sincerely don’t wish that you and Mr.
Goldmann will face the same situation that your mother and I did in the past.”

Stephen left after saying that Maisie sat in her seat blankly. Her gaze was then fixed on the broken
bracelet lying in the brocade box.

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