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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 191

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Chapter 191

“What are you dissatisfied with?” Stephen never thought about things from Maisie’s point of view
because he did not dare to do so before.

He felt guilty for Willow and her mother, but he was also ashamed whenever he thought of Maisie. She
resembled her mother too much, and he had been transferring his resentment toward her mother onto
her. He was afraid that he would not be able to control his feelings for Marina de Arma whenever he
saw Maisie in person.

He had indeed spoiled Willow a little bit too much, but that was because others would always insult
Willow due to her identity as an illegitimate daughter, and he did not feel good about that deep down.

It was difficult to balance his love for his daughters and be unbiased.

It was not Willow and her mother that he, as a father, owed the most, but Maisie!

Seeing that Stephen was determined to divorce her, Leila slumped on the floor.

‘But I will have nothing once I leave the Vanderbilts! I don’t want to go back to the time when life was
sordid and poor. I don’t want to worry about acquiring a livelihood anymore!

‘No, I mustn’t let it go! Why should I let go of everything that I’ve obtained through painstaking efforts?
Even if it weren’t for Willie, I must also do it for myself now!

“Steph, you can’t divorce me,”

Stephen did not want to listen to any more of her explanation. “Don’t say anything anymore. Sign it,
and I’ll give you a sum of money for the sake of the love that we had had before this. I won’t ask you to
leave empty-handed.”

Leila cried out loud, “But I’m pregnant!”

Stephen’s expression changed slightly. “What did you say?”

Leila placed her hand on her abdomen and said while tears gushed down her cheeks, “I got pregnant
from the last night that we shared. This child belongs to you. Do you want to watch your son be born
without a father? And do you want him to suffer from other people’s supercilious attitude as soon as
he’s bom just like Willow!?”

Stephen’s body swayed. ‘Leila is pregnant!?’

“Stephen!” After hearing that, Madam Vanderbilt hurried into the study. She was afraid that she would
lose a grandson if she did not come in to stop him at that moment!

She helped Leila to get up from the floor. “Leila, are you really pregnant? Is it… a son?”

A glimmer of pride flashed across Leila’s eyes upon seeing that Madam Vanderbilt truly cared about
her, but her expression still looked pitiful. “Mother, I’m sorry, I… I was only informed that I’m pregnant
after I went to the hospital for a checkup a few days ago.”

“Wow, that’s great!” Madam Vanderbilt was incredibly delighted. She turned her head and said to
Stephen i n dissatisfaction, “Aren’t you a little too old to be asking for a divorce already? Leila is going
to give birth t oa son for you, yet you’re asking for a divorce? Have you lost your mind?”

Stephen gnashed his teeth, clenched his fists, and left the study without looking back.

Madam Vanderbilt ignored him and became more cordial toward Leila. She caressed her belly and
asserted, “I didn’t have high hopes in you before this, but I didn’t expect your belly to make a good
show at this age. Don’t worry, as long as you can give birth to a son for the Vanderbilts, I’ll definitely not
allow Stephen to divorce you.”

Leila wiped her tears and smiled. “Mother, thank you.”

She then sneered inwardly.

She was not actually pregnant, but she had to tum to this method to secure her family position. At
most, she would come up with something to resolve this issue in the future.

‘He wants to divorce me so that he can give everything to that b*tch? Keep dreaming!’ 2

At the hospital… “Nolan, get out of here. I want to get changed!” Maisie kept pushing Nolan out of the
room while Nolan turned around and embraced her in his arms with a smile.

His eyebrows were slightly raised, and he looked unruly. “It’s okay, I can even change your clothes for

“F*ck off!” Maisie lifted her foot and kicked him out.

Standing outside the door, Quincy saw Nolan get kicked out of the ward, and the comers of his lips
were twitched stiffly. He had to harness all the energy from every single fiber of his being to suppress
his urge to laugh.

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