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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 192

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Chapter 192

Nolan was very distressed as his young wife had kicked him out.

‘I just wanted to help her get changed. It’s not like I was going to do anything to her. Was that

“Mr. Goldmann.” Stephen came over slowly.

Nolan adjusted the hem of his jacket, and his expression returned to being indifferent and cool. “Mr.

“Is Zee all right now?”

“She’s fine, alive and well,” Nolan answered indifferently. He then thought of something and added,
“You can go in later.”

After Maisie changed into her clothes, Stephen opened the door, entered the ward, and placed the
thermos in his hand on the table. “This is the broth that I asked the housekeeper to cook for you. This
will help replenish your body.”

“Okay, I’ll drink it later.” Maisie accepted it.

Stephen walked up to the chair next to the bed, sat down, and slowly explained, “Zee, I’m sorry, I’m the
one who harmed you. I didn’t expect that Leila would do such a thing to you.”

Maisie could not help but be startled.

‘Leila? Me being taken away and being injected with ecstasy, all those were parts of Leila’s scheme!?’

Her eyes gradually turned gloomy.

‘Leila almost tumed me into a drug addict. I’ll definitely get back at her for this!’

“I asked her for divorce earlier today, but I didn’t expect that she’s actually… She’s pregnant.”

Stephen’s words stunned Maisie once again, and she was also a little surprised. “She’s pregnant?”

‘She’s that fast?

“Yes, Zee, I’m really useless. But don’t worry, I’m just letting her stay in Vanderbilt manor for the sake of
the child. I plan to divorce her after the child is bom.”

Stephen did not want to wrong the child. He would still allow Leila to give birth to the child even if he
really wanted to divorce her. The child could only stay in the Vanderbilt manor after that. After the
divorce, where Leila would head would have nothing to do with him.

Maisie did not say a thing.

‘Whether Dad will split up with Leila or not won’t affect me at all. As for Leila, she wants to conceive a
son just to secure her status in the Vanderbilts. But she got pregnant just when Dad raised the divorce?

‘What a coincidence. It’s so coincidental that it’s almost premeditated.

‘And the man who stunned me… I seem to have seen that face somewhere before. It was particularly

Louis was sitting in a cafe waiting for someone. He then saw Willow appearing from the crowd a few

minutes later.

Willow did not expect that Louis would take the initiative to ask her out, so she smiled, walked to the
seat, and sat down. “Louis, were you looking for me?”

“My mother plans to announce your identity at the Lucases banquet the day after tomorrow.”

Louis’ nonchalant statement changed Willow’s expression slightly. “Wh-What?”

“Why? Since you’re the daughter of the de Armas, is there any problem with us announcing your
identity?” Louis intertwined his fingers, propped them against his chin, and looked at her.

Willow did not dare look him in the eyes, and her hands placed under the table were trembling a bit.
“Isn’t this a little too fast? In fact, it doesn’t really bug me even if you don’t disclose my identity to the

“That won’t work.” Louis crossed his arms, leaned back, and looked out of the window. “My grandfather
is very happy to be reunited with my aunt’s daughter. You’re the main reason the banquet on the day
after tomorrow is being held.”

Panic flashed across Willow’s eyes.

‘I didn’t expect the Lucases to announce my identity to the public. If that’s so, won’t it be…’

“What are you afraid of? Is the identity of the daughter of the de Armas so shameful?” Louis’ eyes
looked sharp.

“Of course not… Must you make it public? Can’t you let me prepare myself for that?”

“We’re only going to disclose your identity. What else do you need to prepare?” A trace of impatience
beamed through Louis’ eyes. He finished drinking the coffee on the table, slowly got up, and left.

Cold sweat had drenched Willow’s back while her hands were trembling in fear

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