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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 194

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Chapter 194

‘I didn’t tell Father that I successfully located Marina’s daughter. Yet, Father actually got to know about
it out of the blue and even wants to make it public…’

Larissa turned her head to look at Willow, who was being surrounded by others, and her brows could
not help but crease.

‘Although the DNA results did prove that she and Louis are related by blood, and she has the bracelet
too, I’ve always felt that something is not right.’

As Louis slowly walked downstairs, the gazes of many ladies were fixed on him.

The hearts of a lot of Bassburgh socialites had been shattered back then when Mr. Goldmann
announced publicly that he was no longer available at the banquet for celebrities. Thus, apart from
Helios, the bigwigo f the entertainment industry, who no one dared to even think about approaching
due to the pressure that originated from the hundreds of millions of fans, they could only aim at Louis,
who was still single and available in the circle.

Louis was known as Bassburgh’s Prince of Violin, perhaps because he had inherited his father’s
excellent musical talent.

He had been able to perform on stage at the age of five, had been abroad to perform, had won the gold
medal at the age of ten, and had completed a world tour concert at the age of fifteen. Not only was he

talented, but he also had excellent grades.

He also could stay at the Royal Academy of Music as a music instructor at such a young age and had
always been the academy’s spokesperson.

However, Mrs. Lucas had publicly stated that the most important trait the Lucas family looked for in
their daughter-in-law was that she must at least come from a scholarly family.

“Larissa.” A graceful woman in a white fur coat and wearing elegant makeup walked up to Larissa with
her arms wrapped around that of Yael Boucher’s.

The people around were amazed.

“That’s that patriarch of the Bouchers and his missus.”

“Everyone in the circle knows that Mrs. Lucas and Mrs. Boucher are best friends. It is not surprising
that they are here.”

Willow turned her head, looked over, and saw Louis and Larissa chit-chatting with the Bouchers.

‘The Bouchers, one of the aristocratic families of Bassburgh. It’s also the only family that can match the

Willow thought about something, bit her lip, and walked over with a smile. “Aunty, Louis…”

Both Mrs. Boucher and Yael’s gazes were fixed on Willow. Meanwhile, a hint of annoyance flashed
across Larissa’s eyes when she saw Willow approaching them without any proper introduction and
interrupted the conversation between her and Mrs. Boucher.

Mrs. Boucher looked at Willow and asked, “Larissa, is she your sister’s daughter?”

Larissa just smiled and did not say a word.

“The elders were talking, and she just interrupted the conversation out of nowhere. She doesn’t even
know such basic etiquette.’

“It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Boucher.” Willow gave off a well-behaved and obedient attitude, so Larissa
could not find a reason to reprimand her.

Mrs. Boucher smiled and nodded before taking another good look at Willow.

‘She seems well-behaved and looks pretty gorgeous, but it just feels like something is missing.’

Larissa and Marina were both noblewomen, so their temperament was naturally on another level
compared to ordinary socialites. Even Larissa’s son was so flamboyantly extraordinary, let alone
Marina’s daughter.

Thus, Mrs. Boucher was a little disappointed when she met Willow in person.

Willow noticed the changes in Mrs. Boucher’s gaze, so she lowered her head and bit her lips secretly.

‘What’s the matter with this old hag? Judging from how she looks at me, is she dissatisfied with me?’

“Dad, I said I can walk by myself. Don’t pull me…”

Russell had found Ryleigh and hauled her to the Lucas family’s banquet.

He had told her that Larissa Lucas had planned to announce the identity of the daughter of the de
Armas. But it had nothing to do with her, so she knew that her father had dragged her here to take a
look at the men at the banquet!

‘Is he that afraid that I can’t get married!?’

However, when Ryleigh and Willow saw each other, Ryleigh flung her father’s hand away and glared at
her with a disturbed expression. “Willow Vanderbilt? Why are you here?”

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