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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 198

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Chapter 198

“Oh, did you just admit that you’re Dad’s illegitimate daughter?”

“…” Willow was startled and looked around nervously.

Sure enough, the crowd started gossiping again.

“Is she really an illegitimate daughter?”

“Then does that mean what Ms. Hill said earlier is true!?”

The comers of Maisie’s red lips twitched and were slightly lifted. “Marina de Arma is Stephen
Vanderbilt’s original partner and also his legal wife. How could a legal wife give birth to you, an
illegitimate daughter?”

“Yeah, it’s Marina, the second daughter of the de Armas. If she had chosen to marry someone, she
must’ve confirmed that she would be the legal wife. Someone like her wouldn’t commit adultery and
make herself into a homewrecker.”

“The identity of an illegitimate daughter is rather shameful, so she shouldn’t be the daughter of the
original and legal wife.”

Willow heard the noisy discussions that were taking place around her, so she bit her lip harshly.

*D*mn it! This b*tch actually managed to fish information out of me!’

Seeing that Larissa’s expression dimmed, Willow quickly explained, “No, aunty, you have to believe
me. She’s talking nonsense! I—”

“Am I talking nonsense? We’ll see if we were to compare your blood type right away. As far as I know,
Dad’s blood type is B, while Marina de Arma’s blood type is 0. Yours is AB, so how can parents with
blood types B and Ogive birth to a daughter whose blood type is AB?” 1

Maisie took a glance at the pale-looking Willow.

Willow shook her head, gnashed her teeth, and said, “Bullsh*t, I’m not… My… My… My blood type is

“Don’t worry. After all, we’ll only need to get a doctor to run a blood test.” Maisie chuckled with her arms
crossed in front of her chest. “It’s the same as running a DNA test, or should we run another test on the
spot with your hair?”

“There’s no need for another test.” Nolan took a sheet of information from the bodyguard behind him.
“It’s all here.”

Willow saw Nolan hand the document to Larissa and was about to get up and dash toward them to
grab the document, but Louis held her down.

Larissa skimmed through the information on the document, and her expression gradually dimmed.

She suddenly thought of what Nolan had said to her the other day.

She crushed a corner of the paper.

“Aunty, you have to believe me. I really didn’t lie to you… Maisie… Maisie is framing me!”

“Zee is framing you? Why don’t you tell everyone present how you framed Zee back then?” Ryleigh
rolled her eyes. `

‘Even at this moment, this woman wants to put Zee in harm’s way.’

“What did I do to frame her? It’s her! She’s the one who stole Nolan from me when I was the person
who had been with Nolan for six years!”

Willow always pretended to be a victim, which had inspired the sympathy of everyone present.

“They had been together for six years. It’s not an easy thing to do.”

“I told you so. The enchanting and seductive woman must be the one who snatched her man.”

Maisie disapproved. “You might have been with Noles for six years, but the children that I have with
Noles are 5,5 years old now. So, are you admitting that you’re the homewrecker who got in between
my relationship with Nolan?”

‘Making up stories to frame others, everybody knows how to do so!’

Maisie’s words caused another round of commotion in the crowd again.

“Mr. Goldmann had already had children with this woman six years ago!”

“It seems that the rumors of Mr. Goldmann’s hidden marriage and kids are true!”

“This is quite a comeback!”

A hint of surprise flashed across the bottom of Nolan’s eyes while he stared at Maisie, who leaned
toward his arm out of the blue. He did not hate the nickname “Noles” that she had just used to address
but liked it very much.

At least, it was a unique name reserved only for her. Nobody could call him by this name apart from her
from now on.

“If you hadn’t gotten pregnant from that incident, Nolan would have been mine!” Willow yelled at her

“But if you hadn’t spiked my drink with drugs and caused me to be driven out of the Vanderbilts, Noles
and I wouldn’t have had children together. So, to put it bluntly, do I have to thank you for introducing
Noles into my life?”

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