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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 200

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Chapter 200

‘I’ve never thought about getting back my identity as the daughter of the de Armas. It’s just that anyone
could take this identity away from me, except Willow, as it would be an insult to Mom.’

An arm wrapped around her waist from behind and brought her into his arms. “You’re wearing high
heels, so how are you walking faster than me?”

This woman is just not afraid of falling.’

Seeing that Maisie was not responding, Nolan abruptly picked her up in a bridal carry.

Maisie was stunned and then struggled in his arms for a short while. “What are you doing? Let me

Nolan carried her into the car but still did not let go of her. He pinched her chin with his fingers and
made her look straight at him. “What did you just call me while we were at the banquet? Can you
repeat it once again?”

“What did I just call you?”

Seeing that his eyes dimmed and narrowed, Maisie recalled something and then pushed his hands
away.” I just came up with a nickname casually.”

“Are you making fun of me?”

“How is that making fun of you? Nolan Goldmann, you let go of me-Ummm!”

Nolan palmed the back of her head and sealed her lips vigorously.

Maisie stopped breathing while her thick eyelashes trembled quickly, and her body stiffened

immediately. Meanwhile. Nolan was breathing heavily, and his eyes were on fire.

The sparks in his eyes seemed to be able to light the two of them on fire at any time.

After returning to the Goldmann mansion…

Nolan overwhelmed Maisie on the bed and kissed her lips vigorously.

The well-built man completely occupied the space above her, while Maisie, who was caged by his
limbs, ran out of breath after being aggressively kissed. Her watery and lovely-looking eyes seemed to
have been fogged.

“Ummm… Wait…” Maisie returned to her senses for a split second, only to see that Nolan had already
removed his shirt. His muscular body was near perfection, his muscles were all well-proportioned, and
his sturdy six-packs were obvious.

If it weren’t for his usual choice of clothes, she would not be able to tell that he was this well-built.

Maisie’s cheeks blushed instantly.

“Zee, I don’t want to wait anymore…” His low-pitched voice lingered in her ears, captivating her.

Just when Maisie was about to lose her rationality, she suddenly stopped all actions as she felt
something was wrong and pushed his body away. “No, Nolan… I really can’t do it today…”

Nolan lowered his voice. “Zee, if you’re torturing me again,”

“No, my… My aunt is here.”

“Which aunt are you talking about? Just ignore her.” Maisie pushed his cheek that was closing in and
gnashed her teeth. “You pervert, I’m referring to my Aunt Flow, my menstrual period!” 7.

Her reply was like a pail of cold water that was poured onto Nolan’s flame of lust, extinguishing it.

‘So that’s what she meant by her “aunt”?’

Maisie turned her head away in embarrassment as it was weird to tell a man that.

Nolan raised his hand and rubbed her head. “I’ll make you some chamomile tea.”

“Huh?” Maisie was startled and even a little stupefied when she saw the worried look on his face.

Nolan cleared his throat and looked away, a little embarrassed. “Don’t they say that women will feel
pain when they’re on their period, and chamomile tea will relieve the pain?”

Maisie could not help but burst into laughter. “This depends. I’m one of those women that don’t feel any
pain. But if the legendary Mr. Goldmann wants to make me some chamomile tea, then I’ll accept it

Nolan’s thin lips were pressed tightly together upon seeing her smile. It was a more relaxed and
sincere smile when compared to those that she gave off before this. It did not seem pretentious.

‘This dazzling smile finally belongs to me at this moment.’

He lowered his gaze, gave off a smile, and got up. “Okay, I’ll go and make you some now.”

Nolan was boiling chamomile tea in the kitchen when Maisie shouted from upstairs. He thought
something had gone wrong, so he quickly put down the spoon and ran back to the room. “What’s the

Maisie poked half of her head out of the bathroom door and said embarrassingly, “Um, I… I’ve run out
of sanitary napkins. Can you trouble Quincy to buy some for me at the 24-hour convenience store?”

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