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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 204

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Chapter 204

“I want a divorce.”

“Wh-What?” Leila was taken aback, looking at him in disbelief.

Stephen shook the doctor’s hand off his arm and glared at her. “A woman who’s full of lies isn’t worthy
of being my wife, let alone stepping into the Vanderbilt manor.” Stephen left the ward without looking
back. “Dear, dear!” Leila got off the bed but quickly collapsed on the floor because her legs were still
weak. No matter how she cried, she could not make Stephen turn around and come back. She could
only sit on the floor and weep bitterly. Upon seeing this, the doctor felt somewhat sympathetic to her
experience. “Please get up first, madam.” The doctor helped her onto the bed, and Leila suddenly
grabbed his arm, “Doctor, how did I get sent to the hospital?”

“Someone said that you were assaulted and unconscious, so you were sent here to the hospital.
However, that person left very soon and only asked us to notify your husband.”

Leila trembled as she was vaguely aware of something.

‘Someone has framed me!’

When the doctor left, Leila was so furious that she swept all the things on the table onto the floor. There
seemed to be an invisible cobweb covering her, causing her to fall into a trap without her noticing. This
realization of hers made her feel extremely breathless.

The door of the ward was pushed open again.

It was Maisie and Quincy who entered the ward this time around. “Leila, how does it feel to get a taste
of your own medicine?”

Leila’s gloomy expression gradually turned vicious. “It’s you!?” ‘It really is this batch!

The smile hanging on Maisie’s face looked calm. “Isn’t karma a b*tch? So why can’t I do something that
you had the guts to do to m e to you so that we can come full circle?”

Leila got up angrily and dashed toward her. “B*tch, I’m going to kill you!”

Quincy made a move and brought her under control by pressing her against the floor. After all, he had
promised Nolan that he would never let his young wife get hurt.

Leila was forced to kneel on the floor, feeling extremely reluctant to submit to the overwhelming
viciousness. “Maisie Vanderbilt, you dare to do this to me. Are you not afraid of me telling your father
about this?”

Maisie slowly leaned over to glance at her. “Do you think my dad will believe you?” “Hahaha, Maisie
Vanderbilt, you’re nowhere near a good egg yourself, and it seems that your father doesn’t know your
true colors. I’ll definitely expose you!”

Leila gnashed her teeth vigorously.

I’ve been careless and have fallen into the trap that this b*tch set up, but I will make sure that I get back
at her and give her hell!

“Haven’t you received those photos?”

Leila’s ferocious expression gradually turned fearful upon hearing that.

Maisie then asked unhurriedly, “If those photos were to get into my dad’s hands, do you think he will
still believe in you?”

Leila trembled. She stared at Maisie’s eyes as if she was looking at a gorgeous and venomous viper in
its eyes, which made her extremely panicked, “You… What do you want to do?”

Leila was really scared. The stern momentum had subsided by a huge margin, and she even begged
her. “Zee, I know I’m at fault Can you forgive me? Please don’t hand those photos to your father. All…
All I have left is your father. I can’t get a divorce.”

Leila apologized and begged Maisie sincerely while tears were gushing down her cheeks. She would
definitely soften anyone who witnessed this scene.

Unfortunately, Maisie had long seen through the mother-and-daughter duo. Even if she let her go this
time around, she would

never do the same to her in the future.

Maisie had a heart of benevolence, but it depended on whom she was dealing with as well. She would
rather show her overflowing kindness to the tramps on the streets than to Willow and Leila.

“You only realize that you should beg me at this moment. But what did you try to do to me before this?
Weren’t you very happy when you managed to set me up?”

“Zee, I… I’m really sorry. Please forgive me. I promise that this won’t happen again! I’ll do anything that
you want me to do! I just can’t divorce your father…”

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