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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 206

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Chapter 206

. It seemed like Linda was being forced to do everything while she was working here.

Maisie did not want to bring it up before this as she thought Linda could not work here for long.
However, Linda had actually been able to stubbornly stay here for so long, so it was a coincidence that
she had run into an excuse to ask her to leave today.

Seeing that Maisie was very determined to fire her, Linda looked at Nolan “Nolan, Maisie-”

“This is not something that’s under his control. It’s useless for you to call anyone now.” Maisie’s face
dimmed. She was the only person in this world who had the guts to be upright and not care about Mr.
Goldmann’s reputation and status.

Nolan smiled “Yes, this department isn’t under my authority. Zee has the final say here.” Everyone
finally realized what it meant to be a man that stayed behind his wife.

Linda bit her lip, turned around, and left aggrievedly.

Maisie turned around, handed the information to the staff at the reception counter, and went back into
her office. Nolan followed her, but the woman in front of him turned around abruptly, raised her hand,
propped it against the door, and wrapped the muscular man in her arm.

Maisie looked up at his breath-taking face and gnashed her teeth. “Nolan Goldmann, don’t always bring
all your unwanted romantic encounters to me to ask me to drive them away!”

Nolan’s thin lips were pursed slightly, and a hint of suspicion could be sensed on the corners of his lips.
He stretched out his arm t o embrace her waist and brought her into his arms. “Have you started to feel

Maisie scoffed and raised her eyebrows. “Nine out of ten women would have feelings for you, Mr.
Goldmann, so why put your popularity among women to waste for just one woman?”

‘He doesn’t even need to look at all. There are plenty of women who can’t wait to get nearer to him, but
why won’t he just let me go?’

Nolan squinted his eyes and stared at her for quite a long time. “But out of those ten women, I only
want you.”

Maisie wanted to get herself out of his arms, but the embrace was too tight for her to work around. He
chuckled inwardly. “I won’t let other women approach me in the future if you don’t want to see them
around me.”

“Who doesn’t want to see them around you? I’m not-Nolan caressed the corner of Maisie’s lips with his
slightly calloused fingers and gently lifted her chin to cover her mouth before she could finish speaking.

‘I don’t want to listen to her so-called explanations. This dishonest mouth deserves a kiss!

Maisie lost her mind to his kiss. She could not understand the reason she would have no resistance to
his kiss.

Nolan quickly returned to his senses. He could not control himself as soon as he got into contact with
this woman. If it weren’t for her menstrual period, he would really want to get it on with her ruthlessly. 1

“We’ll pick up Colton from the academy in the evening together.”

Maisie broke away from his arms and looked away. “I know.”

She did so to avoid letting him see the redness on her cheeks, but it was too bad that her flushed ears
had already sold her out.

Nolan suppressed his urge to laugh out loud. ‘My young wife’s bashful appearance looks so adorable.’

At the Royal Academy of Music…

Ryleigh rushed to the office of the academy’s disciplinary department and shouted as soon as she
entered the room, “Colton!”

Colton was standing in front of the teacher with an elder male student. The boy had bruises on the
corner of his lips, and his clothes were dirty.

However, the expression of the woman behind the boy became extremely upset when she saw
Ryleigh. “Are you Colton Vanderbilt’s parent?”

“Uh…” Ryleigh came to Colton’s side and glanced at the boy. “What happened?”

“Can’t you see that? Your son hurt my son!” The woman felt agitated for the fact that her son had been
beaten, so it was only natural for her attitude toward Ryleigh to be off the charts.

Ryleigh took a glance at Colton.

‘Okay, it’s no wonder this kid has called me here. It turns out that he’s actually gotten involved in a fight!
Colton blinked and explained pitifully, “Godmother, I didn’t mean it. He’s the one who scolded me first.”

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