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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 207

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Chapter 207

“Nonsense! How would my son scold someone? And are you telling me that it’s reasonable to beat my
son now?” the woman said so while looking at the teacher. “Where’s the principal? Get the principal
here and give us an explanation about this incident. Do the Linwoods look like some random pushover
to you?” 1

The teacher felt very helpless while she was overlooking the situation. She then glanced at Colton
“Colton, no matter what, you’ve hit your classmate, and that’s not the right thing to do. You have to
apologize to him.”

“Why should I apologize first? He called me a b*stard who doesn’t have a father. Shouldn’t he
apologize to me too?” Colton asked while tilting his head Ryleigh took a deep breath after listening to
this. “Isn’t your son a rude little boy? Who is he calling a b*stard who doesn’t have a father?”

‘Holy sh*t, thank God I’m the one who’s been summoned here.

‘If Zee were to be the one who’s standing here, wouldn’t she have slapped the kid? And if she were to
come here with Mr.

“You… Nonsense, since when did my son say something like that? You can ask my son if you don’t
believe in me!”

The boy did not dare to look straight at Ryleigh. He just gnashed his teeth and denied it. “…. I didn’t call
him that.”

“Look, my son claimed that he didn’t call the boy names. But your son has beaten my son, and that’s a
fact. I don’t care. I won’t let this matter slip just like this if you don’t get your son to apologize to my son

“Okay.” Ryleigh stood with her arms akimbo. “Bring it on then”

“You!” The woman was so exasperated that she complained to the teacher, “You take a look at her, just
what kind of parent is she? Like mother like son. It should be apparent now. He has beaten my son but
still won’t apologize to him as if it’s right to do so. A student who misbehaves like this should be
dropped out of the academy!”

Ryleigh knew that Colton would definitely not beat someone for no reason. Although she was not his
biological mother, she was his godmother, so how could she let this matter go unpunished after seeing
that her godson had been bullied?

“You’ve chosen to believe in your son when he said that he didn’t call this boy names, so what’s wrong
with me believing in my godson when he said that he didn’t beat him?”

“Godson?” The woman trembled with anger. “This rascal doesn’t even dare to call his biological mother
here and has chosen to summon an arrogant woman like you instead?”

Ryleigh looked up at her with her chin held up.

“Haha, I see. I’m afraid that he doesn’t even have a biological mother. No wonder he’s so uneducated.
It turns out that he’s an orphan that doesn’t have a mother to educate him.” The woman’s mocking
statement made Colton’s face dim in an instant.

Colton’s tiny fists were tightly clenched.

In the next second, Ryleigh’s palm had already landed on the woman’s cheek.

Even Colton was stunned by her. After all, he had always felt that his godmother was a daffy and
straightforward woman. He had never seen her act so boldly before this!

The teacher stood up. “Hey, Miss, how can you beat someone like that?”

“She humiliated my godson, judging from that upbringing of hers, one slap is considered nothing to
me!” Ryleigh rolled up her sleeves.

The woman who got slapped felt that she could not get beaten for nothing. She was so angry that she
started to get into a scrimmage with Ryleigh. “How dare you slap me? Let me tell you, you and your
son will no longer be able to stay in Bassburgh now that you’ve provoked the Linwoods!”

into smithereens!”

The young woman started fighting with the middle-aged woman in the office, while the teacher was
genuinely frightened and was about to call for security.

However, a tall man entered the room through the door at that moment. The teacher thought that she
had seen her savior when she saw the man approaching them.

Louis watched as the two women wrestled each other regardless of their images. He then stepped
forward, pulled the back of Ryleigh’s collar, and hauled her away from the center of the brawl.

“What are you doing, who-“Ryleigh turned her head backward, and she was taken aback when she
saw the familiar and indifferent face.

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