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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 209

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Chapter 209

Ryleigh was 5 foot 3 in height, and she was also dressed in a rather girlish style. Thus, she indeed
looked a little short when she was standing in front of Louis, who was 6 foot 2 in height. But saying that
she was flat-chested!?

That might not be very aggressive, but it was extremely insulting!

Colton laughed out loud.

“Colton, you’re too much! You actually partnered up with such a person to bully your godmother. Do
you believe that I won’t inform

Colton dashed to her immediately and hugged her coquettishly. “Godmother, it’s my fault, so don’t tell
Mommy about this!”

Seeing Colton acting all adorable and coquettish in front of her, Ryleigh became very gentle and cute

When Colton saw the caller ID displayed on the smartwatch, his expression changed instantly. “Oops,
Mommy is here to pick me u p already!”

Ryleigh took Colton out of the campus and saw a dazzling Rolls-Royce parked at the gate.

“Mommy!” Colton rushed to hug Maisie as soon as he saw her stepping out of the car.

Maisie rubbed his head. “Why did you come out so late?”

Just as she was saying so, she looked up and saw Ryleigh approaching them. She then stared at
Colton. “Did you cause any trouble?”

“No, no, since when did I cause any trouble? I wanted to eat fried chicken wings, so Godmother sent
me some just now!”

“Yes, Colton has been very well-behaved, so I brought him some fried chicken wings.” Ryleigh forced
out a flattering smile.

Maisie looked at the two of them, wondering why she found it hard to believe them.

“Daddy, Daddy, you’re here too!” Colton quickly changed the subject and climbed directly into the car.

Maisie turned to look at Ryleigh. “Would you like us to drop you on the way back?”

“Nah, I drove here. Besides, I feel ashamed to be disturbing you three.” She did not want to be the
fourth wheel.

Maisie waved her hand. “Okay then, we’ll go back home first.”

Ryleigh blinked, raised her hand, and waved back at her. “Bye!”

After the car left, Ryleigh patted her chest.

‘The three rugrats are all the same. They only think of me whenever they’re up to something bad. If Zee
were to find out about what I’ve done with them, would I be unfriended?’

“Oh, Mr. Goldmann turns out to be the kid’s father.” A voice that sounded abruptly from behind Ryleigh
petrified her. She slowly turned her head backward to look at the man that was standing behind her,
and she then raised her head to look at his face.

‘He’s quite tall.’

“What are you looking at, shorty?” Louis took a glance at her and left.

Ryleigh yelled at his back, “What’s there to be proud of to be born tall? The air above is usually very
dusty. Speaking of that, I should be thanking you for purifying the air!”

‘Just what kind of person is he? He’s so rude and wicked!’

At the Vanderbilt manor…

“Look at what your daughter did to Lynn. She actually fired Lynn and drove her back.” Linda had been
complaining to Madam Vanderbilt ever since she got back from the Blackgold Group, so Madam
Vanderbilt reprimanded Stephen directly at the dining table.

After all, she was looking forward to Linda being able to get along with Nolan. Unexpectedly, Maisie
actually drove her out of the company without any legitimate reason.

Linda bit her lip aggrievedly. “Grandma, I only said a few words to Nolan, and she had fired me due to

“Maisie is really a pain in my backside. She’s the one who promised that she’d provide you with a part-
time job back then. I let the fact that she was using you as a coolie slide all this while, and she’s now
firing you without providing a legit reason? She’s really pushing her luck this time!”

The more Madam Vanderbilt thought about it, the angrier she became, and her impression of Maisie
worsened. “No, I’ll go and talk t o her about this issue on behalf of Lynn tomorrow.” 1

As soon as she finished speaking, Stephen put down his silverware all of a sudden. The dining table
was dead silent for a moment.

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