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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 208

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Chapter 208

Louis dragged her aside. “Is this still not embarrassing enough for you?”


When the woman saw his appearance, her arrogance was instantly halved. “Mr. Lucas, you’re finally
here! You have to be the judge of this matter for me. We’ll put the fact that this boy has beaten my son
aside first. This woman just slapped me a few minutes ago!”

“Mrs. Linwood, your son should apologize first for his impertinent remark.”

Mrs. Linwood was dumbfounded. “My son… Since when did my son speak rudely? It was my son who
got beaten. Besides, it was this woman who made a move on me first.”

“If you want to get to the bottom of the matter between these children, you can pay the surveillance
room a visit and check the footage out. As for the matter between you and this lady…” Louis gave
Ryleigh, who was tidying her clothes at the moment, a sideways glance.

Ryleigh met his gaze and instantly burst into wrathful laughter. “What are you looking at? You’re going
to tell me that I’m at fault, aren’t you? Mrs. Linwood just claimed that my godson is an uneducated
orphan who doesn’t have a mother to educate him. She even claimed that she’s going to force my
godson out of Bassburgh, so what if I’ve hit her?”

She glared at Mrs. Linwood with her arms akimbo as she was saying so. “I’m telling you that you’d
better take the initiative to apologize for your behavior first because this kid’s parents are someone that
you Linwoods cannot afford to trifle with!”

Mrs. Linwood paused

‘She dares to say something like this when Mr. Lucas is around? Let’s see how capable you are.’

“You actually have the balls to say this, you,”

“Mrs. Linwood.” Louis’s voice sounded calm. “If you prefer to judge people from their background, you
can’t even go against her because of the support of the Hills.”

Mrs. Linwood’s expression stiffened gradually.

The… The Hills?

Ryleigh smiled and waved her hand. “Even the Hills are nothing when compared to Colton’s family
background. Mrs. Linwood, if you want him to quit school, it’s just like hitting a rock with an egg.”

What could Mrs. Linwood say after listening to Ryleigh’s family background? After all, she was a
member of the Hills.

‘Although the Hills aren’t engaged in business, and they’re indeed inferior to the Goldmanns, the
Bouchers, and the Lucases in Bassburgh, they’re still a scholarly family. Not to mention that the eldest
daughter of the Hills is the current missus of the Bouchers.

‘I would only bring contempt upon myself if I were to insist on getting to the bottom of this issue.’

Thus, she could only smile and say, “Since it’s a misunderstanding, let’s apologize to each other and
bury the hatchet.”

Ryleigh walked up to her, leaned in front of her, creased her eyebrows, gave off a few winks, and said,
“You should be the one to apologize first if you want to resolve this matter through apologies, shouldn’t

“About this…” Mrs. Linwood’s expression gradually became embarrassed. She took a look at Louis,
who was silent and could only bring her son along to apologize to Colton Ryleigh.

Colton scratched his cheeks and said absent-mindedly, “Then I’ll reluctantly accept your apology.”

Mrs. Linwood could only swallow the grievances that she had back down and leave hastily with her

Colton ran up to Louis and said with a grin, “Professor Lucas, why are you here?”

Ryleigh crossed his arms and did not utter another word.

‘Although this man is Aunty Lucas’ son, he still chose to help a woman like Willow at the banquet.
That’s why I don’t like him very much.’

Louis glanced at Ryleigh before his gaze fell on Colton. “I originally thought that you had found a minor
to impersonate your parents.”

‘A minor?

These two words hit Ryleigh hard.

“I’m a minor? Are you blind?” Ryleigh gnashed her teeth.

“You look just like a juvenile from head to toe.” Louis glanced at her coldly. “You’re flat-chested and
short at the same time.”

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