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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 214

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Chapter 214

When Linda tumed around and was about to leave, Maisie suddenly opened her eyes, got up, walked
forward, and stunned her.

Seeing that Linda had dropped to the floor and lost consciousness, Maisie dragged her onto the couch
in the small private room.” Heh, since you’ve planned to set me up, then don’t blame me for giving you
a dose of your own medicine.”

It was fortunate that she had come prepared. She had stopped at a pharmacy and bought some
special antidote that could nullify rape-date drugs while she was on her way here. She had also taken it
while traveling here, and its effect would last for four hours.

The drinks placed in front of her had indeed been fully sealed, but it was a pity that she had noticed the
tiny pinholes that were so subtly poked next to the opening of the bottles that they were difficult to

She drew the curtains, and the interior of the private room instantly dimmed. She then noticed the
sound of someone opening the door coming from the outside, so she quickly hid behind the couch and
moaned softly. “Don’t turn on the lights.”

When he heard her voice, Jimmy immediately retracted the arm that he lifted originally to turn on the
light and smiled. “I know, I know. You prefer it this way, huh?”

Maisie was extremely disgusted, but she suppressed her emotions and chuckled. “Mr. Zimmerman, I’m
waiting for you on the couch. Come, I… I’m going to faint already.”

“Alright, alright, alright, don’t worry, my precious little girl. I’ll come over and pamper you immediately.”
Hearing this seductive voice, Jimmy could no longer hold it in. He groped his way to the couch and

touched someone as expected.

“Hey, it seems that you’re also a lascivious one, huh? Come here, let me take good care of you.”

Then the sound of clothes being taken off and dropped on the floor echoed.

Some unbearable voices then followed those sounds.

Maisie groped and crawled her way out of the private room cautiously.

The man was busy enjoying himself, so how would he notice that someone had already snuck out?

Maisie walked out of the private room, closed the door gently, and turned the sign on the doorknob to
“Do Not Disturb”.

After doing so, the corners of her lips curled upward coldly.

‘I wonder what expression Madam Vanderbilt and Yanis would give off if they were to run into this

After more than 20 minutes, Maisie calmly returned to the private room that they ate in. Yanis and
Madam Vanderbilt were instantly taken aback when they saw her,

“Zee, why are you”

“What’s wrong with me? I was just feeling a little uncomfortable. Didn’t Linda send me away to rest
already? Where is she?” Maisie asked in a pretending manner.

Seeing that her daughter and Jimmy had not returned, Yanis could no longer sit still. She stood up
abruptly and ran out of the private room.

Madam Vanderbilt and Mrs. Zimmerman seemed to have realized something, so they quickly got up
and went out too.

Maisie’s eyebrows were slightly raised. It was only natural for her to want to catch up to them for the

Yanis broke into that private room, turned on the light, and heard the sound that came from the inside
of the room. How could she not know what that sound was?

Her face turned pale as soon as she entered the room.

Jimmy had defiled her daughter!

As the light was turned on abruptly, it took Jimmy a while to get a good look at the woman that was with
him. He was so frightened that he pulled away from the woman and wrapped his clothes around his
body. “It’s you? Why is it you!?”

“You… You actually…” Yanis stepped forward and slapped Jimmy. “You’ve ruined my daughter!”

Mrs. Zimmerman rushed in and saw the scene where her son got beaten. She dashed toward Yanis
and pushed her away. “What do you mean, huh? What do you mean by my son ruined your daughter?
This is clearly your daughter’s act! She’s the one who seduced my son!”

“Mom, this b*tch entrapped me!” Jimmy could not accept the fact that he had been served a chicken’s
liver when he had ordered foie gras

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