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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 218

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Chapter 218

The incident got into the news.

Madam Vanderbilt watched her son’s arrest. Their properties in Coralia were involved, and their
business almost collapsed. She had to ask her other son, Stephen, for help.

“Stephen, he’s your brother. You have to help him!”

Stephen was anxious upon seeing his mother crying and begging. “He was caught money laundering.
How am I supposed to help him?

“I told him not to get involved in this, but did he listen? Now he’s caught. How am I supposed to help

Stephen was helpless.

He had started his business in Bassburgh because he wanted to leave the family and build something
of his own. His mother had always paid more attention to his brother, but he knew what his brother was
doing in Coralia.

Madam Vanderbilt lost her focus but seemed to remember something. “Isn’t Zee in a relationship with
Mr. Goldmann? Can you ask Zee to speak to Mr. Goldmann and get him to speak up for her? This
whole thing will be settled!” 1 Stephen laughed “This is the only time you would remember this
granddaughter of yours?”

Madam Vanderbilt said sadly, “I’m your mother. Do you want to push me over the edge?”

Stephen’s expression tumed numb. Yes, she was his mother. What choice did he have?

“I’ll speak to Zee.”

When Maisie saw the news about the Vanderbilts, she knew it was Nolan who was behind it. Nolan
was efficient enough. How would he possibly find out about her uncle’s money laundering?

However, the Vanderbilts were probably running around like headless chickens because of this. She
knew her grandmother would seek her father’s help.

Maisie got a call from her father soon after. She seemed to have guessed when she picked up the call.

“Zee, I need to talk to you about your uncle.” Maisie blinked. “You want me to help him?”

Her grandmother really asked him to speak to her, and that was why he called.

Stephen paused and spoke slowly. “Zee, I know you don’t like your grandmother and the others, but
they’re your father’s family. Can you help me just this once? Don’t worry, I’ll send your grandmother
home after that so that she won’t trouble you anymore.”

Stephen didn’t want to get his daughter involved, but since it involved his mother, he hoped that his
mother would remember what Zee had done after that day.

Maisie was quiet. She never saw the Vanderbilts as family. What happened the other day didn’t show
her the warmth of a family but the coldness instead.

However, something came to her mind. She pressed her lips together, gnashed her teeth, and said,
“Alright, just this once.”

Maisie got to the office, knocked on the door, and entered when she got permission.

Nolan was writing, but he looked up at Maisie, who came to see him willingly. He raised his brows and
said, “What’s going on?”

“I need your help.” Maisie walked to the desk and quietly said, “I need your help… in getting Yorick out
of prison.”

Nolan raised his brows again and stared at her for a long time. “You came to ask for help on their

Was she feeling sorry for them despite how they treated her? “No,” Maisie looked straight at him, “It’s
for my father.”

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