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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 220

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Chapter 220

“Mom, Vaenna Jewelry was founded by Zee’s mom. I can’t give it to my nephew.”

“Why can’t you?” Madam Vanderbilt shook with anger. “Marina hasn’t been around for so many years.
The company is yours now. There’s no need to care how a dead person feels about how you manage

“Furthermore, Marina wasn’t a good person when she was alive. Look how she treated you. What’s
holding you back?”

Maisie stopped outside the study and heard Madam Vanderbilt insult her mother. She walked into the
study with a heavy expression. “What did you mean by that?”

Stephen was stunned. Had she heard everything? Madam Vanderbilt didn’t expect Maisie to be back.
She gnashed her teeth. “Why are you back?”

“I’ve gotten Uncle Yorick released and wanted to congratulate you, but I wasn’t expecting to hear you
insult my mother.”

Maisie crossed her arms and raised her brows. “Maybe I shouldn’t have helped.”

“He’s your uncle.”

“I get that, but other than that, I don’t seem to have anything to do with you, Vanderbilts.” Maisie walked
toward Madam Vanderbilt and said calmly, “I helped Uncle Yorick for the sake of my dad, not because
of anyone from Coralia.”

Madam Vanderbilt looked terrible. “Zee, I’m your grandma, your elder. Being disrespectful toward an
elder is rude.”

Guilt-tripping wouldn’t work.

Maisie smiled. “After what you did to me with Aunt Yanis, trying to force me to marry Jimmy, why would
I respect you?”

Stephen’s face changed. “What!?”

He knew how bad Jimmy’s reputation was, but he would never have expected his sister-in-law and
mother to try and force Maisie t o marry a man like that.

Madam Vanderbilt wasn’t expecting Maisie to mention what happened the other day, so she looked
horrified. “Nonsense! You’re not the one marrying Mr. Zimmerman. Linda is. Are you not satisfied yet?”

“That’s enough!” Stephen was out of patience. “You’re my mother. I respect you, but if you really did
that to Maisie, you’ve broken m y heart. Whatever happens to the Vanderbilts is your business, but I’ll
never give Vaenna Jewelry to Hector.”

Madam Vanderbilt didn’t expect the son of his to defy her for his daughter, so she said furiously,
“Alright! If you really want to go against my words, I’ll just leave.”

Stephen’s eyes turned dark after she left.

Maisie’s eyes shifted upon seeing that her father was sad. “Dad, I won’t agree to you giving Vaenna to

Maisie knew that Madam Vanderbilt would try to get Vaenna. Since they were in a crisis, Vaenna would
look like a piece of juicy meat.

Her father would know what Madam Vanderbilt was thinking.

Stephen paused and slowly spoke. “I know. I wouldn’t give it to your cousin either. Don’t worry.”

Maisie nodded at her father’s answer. “I believe you.”

Stephen didn’t expect his daughter to believe him. He had to cherish this. 1

He was going to take good care of Vaenna until Zee was ready to take over. At Soul Jewelry Studio..

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