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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 226

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Chapter 226

Maisie had to find a way to stop it soon.

At Soul Jewelry Studio…

The other people in the department gradually left for the day.

Nolan got to Maisie’s office and leaned on the door with his arms crossed while watching Maisie look
for some documents in front o f the book rack. He couldn’t move his eyes away from this beauty before

Maisie didn’t notice someone approaching her. She was searching with her head down but felt
something move closer behind her.

The man hugged her from behind and made Maisie jump. She didn’t turn around to see who it was.
“Nolan, why are you—”

“What? I just want to give you a hug.” The man’s voice sniggered from the top of her head.

Why couldn’t he let go of this woman?

Maisie took a deep breath and remembered what had happened the night before. Her cheeks burned

Maisie felt a little ashamed, but she wasn’t going to admit that she couldn’t resist his ‘charm’ last night.

“It’s time to fetch Colton from school.” Nolan lowered his head and put his chin on her shoulder. The
warmth of his breath made her ears tum red.

Maisie pushed him away. “There’s no need to get so close.”

Nolan looked down and smiled, holding her waist closer with his palm.

Maisie laughed. Nolan was probably the most shameless person she had ever met.

Even if Nolan was feeling ‘gracious’ after letting her off in the office, when they were picking Colton up
from the Royal Academy of Music, Colton stared at his neck for the longest time.

“Daddy, did something bite your neck?”

Maisie looked over in shock. The hickey on his neck was still there!

Nolan looked at Maisie through the corner of his eyes. When Maisie tried to avoid his gaze, he smiled
and said, “That’s not for kids t o know.”

“Uncle Quincy, what happened to Daddy’s neck?” Since he didn’t get an answer from his father, he
switched to asking Quincy instead.

Quincy wouldn’t ever dare to tell him the truth. He shuddered and laughed. “You wouldn’t understand.”

Angela sent Waylon and Daisie back to the Goldmann mansion. They were in a drama series
alongside Helios. Daisie played his daughter while Waylon was cast as the younger version of him. 1

Maisie didn’t agree with them getting into the industry at first, but she was more laid-back since they
didn’t give her any trouble.

Nolan wasn’t happy when he heard that his daughter was acting as Helios’ daughter. It felt like his
favorite blanket had been taken by someone else.

Colton was still wondering what had happened to his father’s neck.

Nolan never missed a chance to attack Maisie over the past few days.

When Maisie got to Soul Studio, she went to the washroom to cover up the mark on her neck. That
man had too much energy. She couldn’t face her kids like that!

The phone on the desk rang.

Maisie put the concealer into her bag and answered when she saw that Stephen was calling.


“Zee, your grandma has been discharged from the hospital. Your uncle is coming over. Come back and
have dinner with us today.” 1

At the Vanderbilt manor…

Leila made tea for Yanis because she was the younger sister-in-law. Yanis looked down on Leila, who
had started as a mistress. However, when she heard from Madam Vanderbilt that Leila was on their
side, she didn’t treat her too badly.

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