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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 229

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Chapter 229

“That’s right. I will only give Vaenna to Zee. Only my daughter is worthy.”

Stephen seemed to have understood that they were trying to force him to hand over the shares of
Vaenna Jewelry.

If that were the case, there would be no need to wait. “I’ve gotten lawyers to put Zee’s name as the
beneficiary of Vaenna.”


“Have you gone mad? Why would you give it to her!?”

“What did you contribute when Marina and I started Vaenna?”

Stephen looked at Madam Vanderbilt and scoffed. “Mom, I respect you, but since you’ve never treated
me like your son or saw Zee a s your granddaughter, there’s no reason to be courteous anymore.”

“How-“Madam Vanderbilt shook with rage, but the words were stuck in her throat.

The dinner ended coldly. When Yanis and Yorick left, almost no one noticed the signals Yorick sent to

Unfortunately, Maisie was walking at the back and did notice them. When she walked past Leila, she
smiled and said, “Be careful not to get bumed if you play with fire.”

The words made Leila’s heart tum cold.

She squared her jaw and thought that she would never feel better if she didn’t get rid of this woman!

Nolan was reading some documents in the study until Quincy sent him a message.

The Vanderbilts from Coralia are trying to steal the rights of Vaenna from Maisie? Who gave them the
guts to do that?’

He had looked into them long ago. Other than Stephen, who was considered normal, the rest of
Madam Vanderbilt’s children were n o good

Madam Vanderbilt had a very traditional and patriarchal way of thinking. It was obvious how she treated
her two sons. Yorick had a son whom Madam Vanderbilt had spoiled since he was a kid. Now he was
just a useless man who sat around and waited to be fed.

They really were dreaming to even think of handing Vaenna to a useless man.


The three musketeers popped their heads in.

Nolan put down the documents and squinted at them while they jumped on him.

He held Daisie in his arms and patted Waylon and Colton’s heads. “What’s up, you three?”

Colton said, “Daddy, Mommy just got back from the Vanderbilt manor and is not happy.”

Waylon said, “Did the Vanderbilts bully her?”

Daisie said, “They’re such horrible people!”

Nolan looked at the three upset rugrats. They were so young, yet they were worrying for the adults

He smiled. “Do you think anyone can get to bully your mother?”

The three nodded hesitantly.

Their mother wasn’t easy to bully, but she still was.

“Daddy, you’re not going to do anything? Your wife is getting bullied!” Colton squinted.

Nolan paused and laughed. “Do you think your mommy is going to let me intervene? Your daddy is the
man behind your mommy. I’m not going to let people take advantage of her.”

The three nodded hesitantly again.

That seemed to make sense.

Daisie played with Nolan’s tie.’All she heard was ‘the man behind her. Something popped up in her
mind, and she tilted her head and asked. “The man behind her? Daddy, does that mean you’re living off
of her?”

Colton asked curiously, “What does that mean?” Waylon and Daisie said in unison, “It means he’s a
deadbeat who relies on his wife to feed him.”

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