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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 231

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Chapter 231

Leila could only show her white feathers and respond weakly, “Mother, I… I’ll go back tonight.”

“Go back tonight? Is this a joke?” Madam Vanderbilt saw that Leila was afraid of being rejected by
Stephen and glared at Stephen, who had remained silent all this while. “Since you’ve called your wife
back, then live your best life with her. What will the public say if they get to know that your wife comes
here during the day and then goes back to her own house at night daily?”

“Mother, don’t blame Steph. It’s my problem.” Leila took all the blame onto herself-the image of a
virtuous and sensible wife overflowed.

Stephen put down the teacup. Although he had asked Leila and her daughter to come back to the
Vanderbilt manor, Leila’s fake pregnancy was quite a nightmare to him.

However, seeing that Leila’s attitude had indeed done a one-eighty recently, Stephen said slowly,
“Since you’ve already come back, you can stay here from now on.”

After all, the divorce had not been finalized yet, and it would inevitably invite others to gossip if this was
the case.

Leila gave off a gentle smile. “Okay, then I’ll stay here from now onward.”

Stephen suddenly received a call. “Mr. Zidane?”

Madam Vanderbilt remembered that her son was determined to transfer his shares in Vaenna over to
Maisie last night as soon as she heard the appellation, so her expression dimmed in an instant.

Stephen said something to Mr. Zidane, got up, and went upstairs.

Madam Vanderbilt gnashed her teeth upon seeing this and said bitterly, “Stephen, this b*stard, he really
plans to give up his equity of Vaenna to Maisie?”

Leila thought of something.

‘My only purpose in returning to the Vanderbilt manor this time around is to regain everything for
Willow. As for Stephen, he didn’t even hesitate before turning his back on me despite the decades’
worth of companionship. Thus, he’s not in the position to blame m e for being merciless. 1

‘I deliberately mentioned Vaenna in the hospital so that I could instigate Mother into causing Maisie
some troubles. As long as Maisie can’t stay idle, she naturally can’t deal with my affairs in the

‘And last night, Mother colluded with Yanis to talk Stephen into transferring his equity to that useless
brat Hector. That has already backed Stephen into a corner.

‘However, I did also realize that Yorick had a thing for me when I was pouring him tea yesterday. And
he really took the bait when I gave him a few signs on the dining table.

‘Since Mother and Yanis both want to fight for Vaenna’s shares with Maisie, they can have the arena.
I’ll use Yorick to overtake all o f them from the shadows while they’re competing with each other in a
death match! Anyway, my daughter and I could be the only ones left in the Vanderbilts at the end of

Maisie, who was sitting in her office, saw the text message Mr. Zidane had sent and realized that her
father had just handed the contract to him for safekeeping. He had also chosen to convene a meeting
among the Board of Directors to announce the heir to his equity the day after tomorrow.

And if her father could do so, it was obvious that he had the same suspicion just like her. Maybe he
was trying to use the Board of Directors to shut up Madam Vanderbilt and the others.

If that were the case, she should lend her father another helping hand as a daughter.

Yanis received a photo.

The person in the photo was Stephen, and he was entering a law firm when the photo was captured.

Yanis looked at it and called Madam Vanderbilt immediately.

Madam Vanderbilt knew that Stephen had gone out since long ago. It seemed that he had gone to see
the lawyer in order to get the equity transfer contract drafted.

“Mother, if Stephen really gives Vaenna to that sl*t, then what else can the Vanderbilts rely on in the
future?” She then added,”

Mother, you have to think about Hector. The Vanderbilts’ business in Coralia is already a gone case.
Hector is now old enough. He can only rely on his uncle’s company this time around. The Vanderbilts
will be left with a greater capital only if Hector takes over Vaenna.”

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