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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 234

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Chapter 234

*How… How is this possible? I clearly saw you yesterday—” Yanis stood up and choked on her own
words when she was about to disclose something

Madam Vanderbilt pointed at Mr. Zidane. “You’re the one who handed me the contract the other day!”

Mr. Zidane smiled. “Madam Vanderbilt, I haven’t met you before this.”

“You… How dare you claim that you haven’t met me before!? You’re the one who gave me the contract
when I went to your office the other day. I can totally remember your face!” Madam Vanderbilt panicked
and revealed the matter by herself.

“That’s enough!” Stephen reprimanded her angrily, “Mother, I’m disappointed with you. Since you don’t
treat me like a son, there’s n o need to treat you as my mother anymore. You should just go back to
your home in Coralia!”

Madam Vanderbilt’s face looked as pale as death, and her hand was trembling when she pointed at
Stephen “I get it now, all… All of you are in collusion. I’ll leave!”

Yanis naturally could not stay here any longer after Madam Vanderbilt had left. On the contrary, Yorick
got up without a hassle and slowly caught up to the both of them as if he had nothing to do with this

The farce ended hastily as all the people involved had left at this moment.

Maisie sent Mi. Zidane to the front door of the office building, and Mr. Zidane sighed. “I genuinely didn’t
expect Madam Vanderbilt t o turn to this method.”

He had been under the impression he would just give out a fake contract. However, he did not expect
she would use the fake contract to falsify another contract to seize the shares.

Maisie gave off a faint smile. “After seeing all the faces of that family, we’ll have to take some

“Grandma has never come into contact with any form of contract, so it’s only natural that she wouldn’t
be able to tell the difference between a genuine and a fake one. Presumably, Dad should look rather
helpless when she showed him the contract, shouldn’t he?’

After Mr. Zidane left the building, the legendary “MI. Headler” appeared. “Ms. Vanderbilt, did I do a
good job?”

Maisie nodded and transferred a certain amount of money to his account. “Thank you for the hard

“You’re very welcome. It’s my honor to be able to provide you with my service.” The man smiled,
nodded, and bowed. He was happy t o be able to earn some quick and easy money.

After the man left, Maisie walked to the car and left.

And Willow, who was hiding in the shadows, filmed this scene. She initially had wanted to come and
watch the others put on a show. But she did not expect that she would run into such a scene after
missing the climax of the day.

‘With this video on hand, we’ll see how this b*tch can recover from the upcoming chaos!’

Bassburgh Airport…

Two luxury cars were parked at the exit of the airport. Nolan and his father got out of the car, and
Quincy walked toward the exit alongside the father-and-son.

A white-haired old man who was standing just outside the airport exit was wearing a pink vest and
looked very fashionable. Because of his long-term fitness training, even though he was already more
than 70 years old, he still looked healthy and was not exuding any sign of old age.

The old man took off his sunglasses, revealing a pair of keen amber eyes. His somewhat mixed-race
appearance made the old man look younger than other elderly people of the same age group.

“Father, it’s been a long time.” Mr. Goldmann Sr. stepped forward and hugged him.

Titus was also very happy. His gaze then landed on Nolan and stared at him. “You rascal, I heard that
you have a son now?”

“You now have two great-grandsons and one great-granddaughter,” replied Mr. Goldmann Sr.

Titus lived abroad all year round and spoke in an unusually casual manner. “Oh, that’s great. Look at
this son that you’ve given birth to. He excels in hitting the jackpot even when compared to you when
you were in your prime!”

Mr. Goldmann Sr. just smiled.

“Uncle Goldmann, Nolan.” A young woman was coming toward them with her luggage while a strong
man followed her around. Quincy smiled and walked forward when he saw that man. “Hans, you really
did come back?”

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