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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 233

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Chapter 233

“What. What is this?” Stephen did not expect his mother had hired a lawyer as well.

“Hi there, Mr. Vanderbilt. I’m Madam Vanderbilt’s lawyer, Mr. Headler. Madam Vanderbilt had entrusted
me to come over with Vaenna’s equity transfer contract. Please do take a look at this.”

Stephen was stunned And his expression could not help but dim when he saw that the official heir
mentioned in the share transfer contract changed. It was Hector now.

Anyone who knew a thing or two about any share transfer contract would have recognized that the
contract was a fake at first glance, so how could Stephen not be able to do so?

“Son, you should have seen it. Hector’s name is clearly mentioned on this equity transfer contract. So,
why would Vaenna have anything to do with Maisie?” Madam Vanderbilt snorted disdainfully.

Had it not been for her eldest daughter-in-law, Yanis, who had reminded her about such a method,
Maisie would have taken advantage of this loophole to obtain Vaenna’s shares.

Anyway, this contract was given out by her son, and she had only hired someone else to make some
minor tweaks to its content.

Stephen burst into laughter due to the accumulated wrath. He was furious that his mother had turned to
such a method in order to stop him. What he found funny was that she had used such cheap,
unjustifiable, and extremely naive means.

The door to the meeting room was pushed open again

Accompanied by Mr. Zidane, Maisie walked into the room in a black dress.

She wore a Gothic snake ring bracelet that was designed by herself. Her earrings were also snake-
shaped in order to match the bracelet, while the retro scarlet lipstick made her delicate facial features
look more well-defined. In short, she looked stunningly gorgeous

Madam Vanderbilt and Yanis looked down on Maisie, who was dressed like this. She looked exactly
like a malicious vixen at first


Madam Vanderbilt looked a little guilty when she saw Mr. Zidane, but she should not be afraid of
anything when she thought that Stephen would still be her son no matter what happened.

“Sorry, Dad, I’m a little late.” Maisie walked up to Stephen’s side, and her gaze landed on the equity
transfer contract that was lying on the table at the moment.

She then smiled and asked, “Am I seeing things? Why is there an extra contract?”

Maisie did not look surprised at all but smiled while asking about the extra contract. This caused
Madam Vanderbilt’s expression t o dim, and she answered somberly, “What do you mean by an extra
one? Isn’t everything written in black and white?”

“Really? Maisie raised her gaze and stared at Madam Vanderbilt. “Why don’t I know that my father has
transferred his portion of Vaenna’s equity to my cousin?”

“You not knowing about this is none of our business!” Madam Vanderbilt only wanted to announce the
heir as soon as possible and did not want to talk about anything else.

Stephen threw the contract on the table. “Mother, do you plan to fool me with this fake contract? Do you
really think that I won’t be able to tell the difference?”

“What fake contract? This is clearly yours!“ Madam Vanderbilt became anxious.

Yanis had also received a photo yesterday. Although she didn’t know who the sender was, it had
definitely been sent to inform them

“Yeah, Stephen, doesn’t this contract belong to you? Look at this —

“Why are you so convinced that this contract is Dad’s contract?” Maisie’s gaze landed on the two

Madam Vanderbilt and Yanis looked at each other, and the scene became even tenser for a moment.

“This is the contract that Mr. Headler gave me. Would a lawyer lie to me?” Madam Vanderbilt regained
some confidence again.

But who could have foreseen this? Mr. Headler had disappeared from the crowd!

Maisie sneered, “Where’s Mr. Headler? Grandma, you didn’t get deceived, right?”

The people that I hired haven’t let me down.’

Madam Vanderbilt was completely taken aback at this time.

Mr. Zidane took a contract out of his briefcase and handed it to Stephen.

Stephen took the contract from and skimmed through its content before placing it in front of everyone.
“This is the one that I’ve drafted.”

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