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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 241

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Chapter 241

At Coralia’s police station…

“Officer, have you gotten the wrong person? How could my son possibly be selling drugs?”

“Yeah, officer, you must’ve made a mistake. My grandson is still so young. There’s no way that he
would do such things.”

Both Yanis and Madam Vanderbilt panicked. If Hector was caught distributing drugs, the consequence
that he had to face would be a lot more serious than when Yorick was caught for money laundering!

Hector was the only heir of the Vanderbilts. He was the only one who would inherit and continue the
family lineage in the future. His criminal record would stay in the system if he were to face a jail
sentence. Which lady would dare to marry him if that was the case?

The policeman who was writing the testimony raised his head and glared at them with a solemn
expression. “He’s already in his 20s, and you still consider him young? Our colleague found drugs in
his bag, and we’ve been notified by our superior. He’ll face at least five years or more in prison.”

Madam Vanderbilt would have fainted if it were not for Yanis’s support. Her face was pale. “Officer,
could this be a misunderstanding? My grandson has always been very well-behaved,”

“Well-behaved? Hector is often caught gambling illegally. He’s been arrested no less than three times
before this, hasn’t he? Had w e not given him chances? He’s escaped real punishments and has only
been asked to sign a guarantee several times!”

The policeman knocked on the table and spoke sternly. “The kid is only getting worse only because of
his parents and guardians’ connivance. However, you’re here finding excuses to exculpate the kid

instead of reflecting on the education means that you’ve implemented over the years. No matter what,
since he has violated the law, he has to be punished by law.”

Madam Vanderbilt broke down while blood was drained from Yanis’ face. Yanis was furious and
accused Linda of not taking good care of her brother. “How are you the elder sister? You can’t even
take good care of your younger brother!”

Linda, who was scolded for no reason, felt extremely aggrieved. “What have I done wrong? Isn’t it
Hector’s hobby to go around creating troubles? Why am I the one being blamed when something goes

“He’s your younger brother!” Yanis put all the blame on Linda:

“Yes, all you think about is Hector. It serves you right that he’s been spoiled by you now!” Linda’s eyes
tumed bloodshot instantly. She then turned around and ran out after the hysterical roar.

Yanis and Madam Vanderbilt were devastated because of Hector’s arrest and the fact that he was very
likely to face more than five years in prison.

However, Yanis received a photo on her cell phone. After looking at the photo, the content of the photo
and her son’s affairs made her tremble. She was utterly exasperated.

At Soul Jewelry Studio…

Maisie had someone take photos of Leila and her uncle from the shadows, and sure enough, the two
really got together.

‘Uncle Yorick and his sister-in-law. Haha, what a messy relationship.’

Her cell phone rang at that moment, and the number displayed on the screen happened to belong to
Madam Vanderbilt. Knowing the reason behind the call, she picked up the phone, placed it next to her
ear, and answered the call.

Madam Vanderbilt’s voice came from the other end of the call. “Zee, Hector has run into some trouble.
Go and ask Mr. Goldmann to come over here to save him. He’ll definitely be released as long as Mr.
Goldmann comes forward!”

Ever since the call got through, Madam Vanderbilt had been asking her in a demanding tone rather
than sincerely begging her for


Maisie got up and walked to the French window, her gaze looking indifferent. “Grandma, is this the tone
that you should use when you’re asking someone for help?”

“Zee, Hecky is your cousin. How can you be so cold blooded?”

“I’m sorry, I’m not very familiar with you, the Vanderbilts who live in Coralia. Besides, all you think about
when everything’s fine is how to make my life a living hell, and here you are, asking for my help when
you’re deep crap. So tell me, why should I help you?” Maisie’s expression was indifferent.

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