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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 243

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Chapter 243

Nolan’s eyes narrowed slightly. ‘Has Dad lost his mind?’

“Hand it to Quincy.” Nolan signaled Quincy to grab it.

Quincy took the lunchbox. “Rowena, just leave it with me.”

Rowena did not say anything but looked at Nolan with a smile. “Are you heading out?”

“Rowena, Mr. Goldmann is going to visit his wife,” Quincy answered the question instantly, and Nolan
gave him a cold glare.

‘Wife?’ A hint of coldness flashed across Rowena’s eyes. ‘Is he talking about Ms. Vanderbilt? Nolan
really values her a lot.’

“Is there anything else?” Nolan took a glance at his watch as if he was in a hurry.

Rowena smiled and shook her head.

Nolan did not utter another word and walked away.

Quincy smiled when he passed by Rowena. “Rowena, don’t be angry. He’s acting so because he
misses his wife and can’t wait to meet her.”

After explaining it to her, Quincy caught up to Nolan.

However, he did not realize that Rowena’s eyes dimmed gradually.

Nolan came to Soul Jewelry Studio but saw several female staff members chattering outside the
reception room. They seemed to b e looking at something until Nolan appeared behind them.

“What are all of you doing around here?”

They all trembled involuntarily upon hearing the voice and made way for him.

Nolan, who was standing outside the door, looked inside and saw that Maisie was designing jewelry for
a man. He did not seem to notice the few more people in the room and only stared at the man standing
very near Maisie. His figure looked extremely familiar.

Maisie was talking when she saw Nolan standing outside the door. Helios, standing beside her, also
turned around slowly and exchanged gazes with Nolan.

Helios just smiled and did not react much, while his assistant, Nina, and everyone else in his team all
stepped aside.

“Why are you here?” Maisie looked at Nolan doubtfully.

‘Is this man so idle?’

This sentence sounded just like how he reacted when Rowena came looking for him-the way she
uttered it made it sound like he should not have come.

Nolan’s expression tumed sulky. “Can’t I be here?”

‘Is she afraid that me being here will disturb her time with Helios?”

Maisie was at a loss for a split second.

‘What’s the matter with this man? Did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?’

Helios put down the jewelry sample in his hand, turned his head to look at Nolan, and chuckled. “Can’t
Ms. Vanderbilt receive a distinguished guest such as me?”

The existence of these two men, who possessed divine looks and ethereal temperament, instantly filled
the tiny reception room with sparks and brilliance.

Nolan stared directly at Helios.

This b*stard, he thinks he can act all presumptuously in front of me just because he’s my childhood

“What happened to Taylor Jewelry?”

“Hasn’t Taylor Jewelry started a collaboration with Soul Jewelry Studio? Madam Nera was the person
who introduced this place to me.” Helios shrugged.

Maisie looked at Nolan with her arms crossed. “Do you think my jewelry is not worthy of the best

“Since when… When did I say that?”

Nolan looked away with a guilty conscience, cleared his throat awkwardly, stepped forward, created
some distance between the two of them, and commented with a cold tone, “Ordering jewelry from us is
fine, but there’s no need for you to stand so close to each other.”

No one expected that from Mr. Goldmann

‘All this just because Mr. Goldmann is jealous? “Childish,” Maisie muttered, then turned around and
continued to talk business with Helios.

Nolan suddenly felt like he was redundant. He felt dejected deep down. ‘When will my wife give me all
her attention?

The design was determined after a long chat. Helios then looked at her and said, “They’re needed for
my play, so I may need to borrow one whole batch to wear while in the crew. But don’t worry, these
jewels will be returned unscathed. I’ll also pay you the advertising fee.”

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