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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 247

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Chapter 247

The next day, at the Bureau of Justice…

Joe Watson gave the autopsy report to Maisie and said, “This is the autopsy report. It didn’t seem like
she passed because of the jump. Instead, she seemed to be pushed off the building post-mortem.
Based on livor mortis on the back and front, and the abrasions on her clothing, it shows that the
deceased was dragged after she was post-mortem.”

Being pushed off a building post-mortem clearly indicated homicide. Maisie looked down at the report.
The cause of death was mostly due to trauma to the head.

“Were any traces of the killer found on her body?” Maisie asked.

Joe nodded. “Skin was found below her fingernails. They’re running it for DNA now.”

Joe looked at Maisie as she stood quiet after reading the report. “Are you done? I need to give the
report to the police. This is a case.”

Maisie gave the coroner’s report back to Joe and smiled. “Let’s have dinner with Ryleigh when you’re

Joe paused and broke into a smile. “We’ll see. I’ll probably be tied up in the near future.”

“Aright,” Maisie nodded.

At the hospital…

“Your brilliant daughter got my grandson into prison and caused my daughter-in-law’s death. She’s bad

Madam Vanderbilt, who had just woken up, still couldn’t accept the truth and kept yelling at Stephen.

She wouldn’t stop, no matter what Stephen said. She cursed, “That rascal, she’s a troublemaker, a bad
omen. Karma is going to get t o her one day!”

Seeing her mother hate his daughter with all her heart, Stephen was disheartened but was helpless
about it.

At the same time, two police officers walked in.

Stephen got up. “Officers, you’re here because” .

“Are you family of Yanis Warren? Her coroner’s report is out. The case has officially been classified as
a homicide.”

Madam Vanderbilt lost her mind when the officers said that.

“It’s that wench! I’m sure it’s the wench, Maisie!”

“Mom, shut up. Stop saying nonsense.” Stephen’s expression changed.

Madam Vanderbilt didn’t back down. “Who else would have done it? You would cover her even when
she did this just because she’s your daughter? She hates us so much. What wouldn’t she do in the
name of revenge?”

The police officers looked at each other, and one of them walked forward. “Ma’am, please calm down.
We’re here to learn about the deceased.”

“Officers, you have to get to the bottom of this. My daughter-in-law has done nothing wrong, but… But
she left us. It must have been my granddaughter, Maisie!”

The police officer was curious. “What makes you think so?”

The other police officer took notes.

“She put my grandson in prison and threatened us because she wants to take revenge. She’s the devil.
She killed her!”

Madam Vanderbilt lost control of her emotions, so the two officers couldn’t tell whether what she said
was true.

Stephen walked to them and said, “Officers, my daughter wouldn’t have done that. I hope you’ll run a
thorough investigation.”

“Don’t worry, we will. This ma’am doesn’t seem to be emotionally stable. Could you come outside and
speak with us, please?”


Stephen walked out with the police officers and spoke to them for about 20 minutes. Right when the
police left, Leila and Willow appeared in the corridor.

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