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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 245

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Chapter 245

Yanis got up and took a picture of Leila’s embarrassing appearance with her cell phone. “Just you wait,
I’ll send your cheap look to Stephen!”

Leila heard this and thought of the consequences that awaited her, so she quickly got up and hugged
Yanis’s thigh. “Yanis, I know I’m at fault! Please don’t tell Steph! Please, you don’t want to cause the
two brothers to turn against each other because of the things between us, do you?”

“You asked for it yourself. When Stephen finds out how a shameless woman like you seduced his elder
brother, let’s see how you maintain your status and position in the family!”

Yanis did not listen at all and was about to send the photos.

Leila pounced on her and tried to grab her phone from her as soon as she stood up. Yanis’ phone
dropped to the floor near the door, and she fell with Leila in her arms.

Yanis’ head hit a comer of the table.

“Yanis, I beg you, I’m begging you. This is really not my fault. It’s-“Leila discovered that Yanis’ eyes
seemed to be staring blankly into the nothingness halfway through her pleading.

Leila’s face paled gradually, and she stretched out her finger and placed it under Yanis’ nostrils in
search of a single puff. She then collapsed on the floor in a panic, covering her mouth in fright.

‘She… She’s not breathing!’ 1

Maisie was fetching her meal in the company’s staff canteen. Not long after she sat down, she saw a
figure appear in the canteen.

At that moment, the staff members in the canteen were all agitated.

This is a miracle that only takes place once in a century! Mr. Goldmann actually came to the staff
canteen for lunch!?’

After Nolan grabbed his meal, he walked to the seat opposite Maisie and sat down Maisie looked up at
him and then at the food on his plate.

‘The cafeteria staff has definitely done so out of pure reverence. She’s given him so much meat for just
one serving.’

However, seeing how he did not move his silverware much, she smiled. “Nolan, you don’t have to force
yourself if you’re not used to


“Given his identity, he’s used to reveling in dainties. It’s only natural that he’s not used to such a simple

The food in Blackgold’s staff canteen was not bad, and the prices were relatively similar to that of a
fast-food diner or restaurant.

But seeing Nolan, who was wearing a custom-made suit and a luxury watch, eating fast food here, his
temperament did not quite fit in with the surroundings.

“I’m just changing things up a little.” Nolan picked up the spaghetti on the plate with his fork. Perhaps
because he felt that they were too greasy, he put them down again.

Maisie sneered and moved the fish broth that she had ordered but had yet to take a sip from before this
to him. “Drink this. It’s lighter and delicious.”

Nolan took her soup, tasted it, and gave off the highest praise that he had ever given to this canteen.
“This broth is not bad.”

“Didn’t Ms. Summers bring you lunch? I think the food she cooks must taste better than those this
canteen has to offer, right?” Maisie took a sip of the coke on the table and raised her eyebrows.

Nolan put the soup bowl down and lifted his gaze. “I’ll ask Quincy to bring it to you if you want to try it.”

“Hehe, she cooked it just for you.”

“Then… Then when will you make some for me?” Nolan stared at her. He preferred her homemade
lunch over Rowena’s.

Maisie was startled for a split second. She met his gaze and then looked away in an instant. “My
cooking is not that good.”

Nolan crossed his ten fingers loosely, propped them against his chin, squinted, and smirked like a
cunning fox. “It doesn’t matter. I like everything that you do.”

Maisie was rendered speechless.

The people around seemed to have been caught off guard by the abrupt public confession, and the
food in their plates or bowls tasted extremely bland all of a sudden.

Maisie suddenly received a call from her father. Her expression dimmed after picking up the call and
listening to what her father had to say

“What’s wrong?” Nolan asked. Maisie’s eyes tumed overcast as her brows frowned slightly. “Yanis
jumped off a building…”

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