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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 251

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Chapter 251

. “Many years went by, and the woman died of illness, leaving only such a company behind. The man
took care of the daughter and worked hard to manage the company while his relatives never lent him a
helping hand or even shared his hardships.” Maisie lowered his eyes and scoffed. “After many years,
after the girl grew up, the man wanted to hand the company to the girl, but the man’s mother brought
her relative to their house and demanded the man to hand the company that the girl’s mother worked
so hard to establish to her relative’s son. All that just because the mother and the relative think that a
daughter of the family doesn’t have the right to inherit the family’s company.”

Of course, Madam Vanderbilt knew that the story Maisie was talking about was clearly an evasive
reprimand, and her expression turned gloomy at that moment. The reporters in the audience obviously
understood the underlying meaning of the story and felt that the relatives were indeed too mean.

‘All children should have the right to inherit a family’s property, and one shouldn’t be deprived of the
right to get what she deserves just because she’s born a girl. What era are we living in now? This
family actually still upholds such a conservative ideology that favors boys over girls?

‘Not to mention, they still plan to hand the company to a collateral relative.’

“Maisie Vanderbilt! Don’t make up stories to fool the media. You’d better explain clearly how you
murdered your aunt!” Madam Vanderbilt’s voice was not loud, but all the reporters present heard it.

A reporter then asked, “Can I ask you about the murder of your aunt, Yanis Warren? “According to the
information we got, you had a conflict with your relatives because of Vaenna Jewelry’s inheritance and
that you’ve thought about retaliation. Could it be that you’ve accidentally killed your aunt because of an
act of vengeance?”

Nolan was standing behind the curtains, and his eyes turned cold. If it weren’t for Maisie’s insistence on
not allowing him to appear before the crowd, he would have rushed onto the stage and showed those
b*stards a living hell on Earth. Maisie looked at the reporter. “Is there any evidence that points toward
the fact that I’ve killed


As soon as Maisie said that, the reporters in the audience nodded and whispered something among

However, Madam Vanderbilt, who was sitting in the front row, snorted. “You had something o n Yanis
and used it to lure her out to harm her!”

Maisie smiled. “I was in Blackgold all the time on the day my aunt was killed. So, how did I accomplish
what you said when I was physically in the Blackgold?” “You… Then you must’ve hired assassins to kill
her!” Madam Vanderbilt insisted that Maisie was the one who did it, especially after hearing Leila’s
words. “You could bribe a lawyer into

helping you to get your hands on Vaenna Jewelry, so why couldn’t you hire someone to kill your aunt?”

There was an uproar at the scene.

Leila’s eyes looked cold and merciless. ‘Just you wait, Maisie! You’ll definitely be forced onto a path of
no return today!’ Nolan took a deep breath as he looked at Maisie, who remained silent for a moment
on the stage. He could not help but frown.

‘She must be at a loss, right?’

He could no longer sit back and watch. Quincy held him back just as he was about to go out, and he
saw the door being pushed open slowly. Two police officers then walked in from the outside with the

forensic expert, Dr. Watson. The reporters were all flustered.

‘Even the police have arrived at the scene. Could it be that they’ve established the fact that Ms.
Vanderbilt is the murderer?’

When Madam Vanderbilt saw the police entering the hall, she stood up and exclaimed excitedly, “It’s
nice to see you, officers. The murderer is on the stage, hurry up and arrest her!”

Stephen got up from his seat. “Mother, stop—” The police walked past them, approached Leila, and
took out a warrant. “Ms. Scott, you’re suspected of committing a murder. Please come with us.”

The pride on Leila’s face gradually turned into consternation, and a deathlike pallor covered the change
in expression. “Office… Officer, you’re joking, right? How… How could I have murdered someone? The
killer is on the stage…”

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