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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 252

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Chapter 252

“Yeah, officer, how would my mother kill someone? Have you made a mistake?!” Willow had n o idea
what was going on. “The police didn’t make any mistakes.” Maisie’s gaze landed on the Vanderbilts,
and she explained slowly, “Dr. Watson has tested the DNA of the epithelial cells left in Aunt Yanis’
fingernails, which belong to the murderer. The DNA is the same as that of Leila Scott’s.” Leila’s face
paled instantly. ‘Fingernails… Could it be that Yanis scratched my scalp when she was grabbing me by
my hair!?’ Joe nodded with a smile, took the DNA verification results out of a folder, and handed it to
the Vanderbilts.

Stephen took the report, skimmed through its content, turned around, and glared at Leila. “SO it was

“No, it’s not me! I didn’t, I didn’t kill anyone, it wasn’t me. Besides, why would I kill Yanis? I have no
reason to kill her!” Leila explained nervously. “You certainly don’t have a reason to kill her.” Maisie
slowly walked off the stage. “But if Aunt Yanis found out that you and Uncle Yorick were cheating on
her behind her back and she confronted you, you may have a reason to do so already.” Leila staggered

Even Yorick was caught off guard.

Leila suddenly burst out laughing as if she had lost her mind and glared at Maisie viciously. “It really is
you, you b*tch!” Leila rushed forward and was about to assault Maisie, but the two police officers and
the security guard at the scene rushed over and subdued her.

Maisie stood in front of Leila and stared at her condescendingly. “You should just have behaved
yourself if you didn’t want people to discover anything. Aside from that, why would I want to harm you?
It’s you, Leila Scott… You did those things to my father behind his back, and you even tried to kill me

over and over again. You’ve always pretended to be the innocent one, but in fact, you’re the most
malicious person in this room.” Madam Vanderbilt slumped on the chair.

‘Leila turns out to be… Leila killed Yanis? How could this be!?’ After Linda learned of this fact, she
stepped forward and slapped Willow. “It turns out that the homewrecker mother of yours was the
person who did it!” Stephen stopped her. “Lynn, stop it!”

He then turned his head and stared at Maisie. “Zee, what do you mean by what you said just now, Leila
and her brother-in-law?”

Cold sweat rolled down from Yorick’s forehead, and he did not dare to look directly at Stephen for a

Everything immediately made sense to Stephen when he saw Yorick’s reaction. “Nice, nice one, Leila
Scott! One is my elder brother, and the other one is my cheating wife?” Stephen laughed out of wrath.
Although he no longer had any feelings for Leila because of what Leila had done before, she still got
together with his elder brother before they were officially divorced?

Leila giggled in embarrassment. “It’s all your fault! It’s you who treated us mother-and daughter like sh*t
first, so what if I made you a cuckold!”.

Stephen’s body was trembling vigorously. He was that close to hitting her. Leila no longer cared about
anything. “You’re the dumb one here. You’re the one who couldn’t resist my temptation and gave up on
your marriage with Marina back then. You’re the one who cheated in the first place. Hahaha!” “Yes, my
father is dumb and blind, or else he wouldn’t have treated both of you mother-and daughter so well
over the years. He also wouldn’t have raised a kid for another man for more than 20 years.” Leila’s
smile gradually disappeared as she stared at Maisie blankly. This time around, everyone in the
audience was shocked. Even Stephen’s expression turned stiff and cold. Maisie took out an envelope
and threw it in front of Leila. There was also a paternity test between Willow and Stephen. “You take a

good look at these. They’ll show you how you got pregnant in the first place and how you brought the
child to the Vanderbilt manor to deceive m y father.”

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