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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 254

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Chapter 254

‘I’ll never show the people who have hurt my woman any mercy.’ At the black market.

“I beg you! Please let me go! You can make me do whatever you want. Just let me go!” Willow cried
and knelt at Gerald’s feet and begged.

Gerald was smoking a pipe, and he tutted when he looked at the poor woman kneeling in front of him.

“If you want to blame it on someone or something, blame it on the fact that you’re the daughter of that
sl*t. Leila still owes us a debt. Since you’re her daughter, it’s obligatory for you to repay your mother’s

Blood was drained from Willow’s face gradually. She hated her mother ever since she learned that her
father was not Stephen and that she was a product of her mother’s choice to screw around with various

And now that her mother had been caught, she was the one to have to suffer because she was her
mother’s daughter.

‘Why, why can’t I have Maisie’s identity!? No, I can’t stay in the black market. I can’t be like mother…’

“How much does my mother owe you? I… I can pay it back. Find Nolan Goldmann. Yes, you should
know him, he’ll definitely help me!”

‘I stayed by Nolan’s side for six years. Nolan will definitely sympathize with what I’ve experienced and
will definitely help me.’

Gerald scoffed when he heard her mentioning Mr. Goldmann’s name. “Are you saying that Mr.
Goldmann will help you?” Willow nodded vigorously. Gerald raised his foot and kicked her to the

ground. “Have you woken up from your dream? M r. Goldmann will help you?” He laughed and added,
“Mr. Goldmann has indeed helped you. He’s helped you by sending you here to make money for us.”

“No, that’s impossible!” Willow refused to believe it. ‘Nolan wouldn’t treat me like that. It must be Maisie.
She must have asked Nolan to do this!’ “Believe it or not, you’ll stay here and pick up guests from today
onward. If you dare to resist o r run away, I’ll break your limb and make you wish that you were dead.”
Willow slumped on the ground, feeling that she had fallen into darkness. ‘My life has been ruined, and
it’s all Maisie’s fault. I hate her, I hate her!’

The next day, after the media outlets reported about the plot twist in Maisie’s murder accusation,
everyone sympathized with Maisie’s experience and condemned the ambition that Madam Vanderbilt’s
family possessed and the cruelty of Maisie’s stepmother.

Of course, the media outlets did not mention a word about Leila’s scandal over Stephen. Maisie put
down the newspaper and looked at Nolan sitting opposite her. “Thank you for not allowing the media to
expose the affair between my father and Leila.”

‘Who else would have the power to do so apart from Nolan?’ She had been forced by Leila to expose
everything about Leila. She also knew that it would definitely hurt her father’s reputation to a certain
extent once she exposed everything about her. That was why she had not told her father about what
she had on Leila. She would not even have done this if Leila had not killed Yanis and pushed the blame
onto herself. Nolan raised his eyebrows slightly. “If you really want to thank me, why don’t we get

Maisie was astonished.

‘Get married?’ “Will… Will this be too soon?” Maisie was a little overwhelmed. Although she did not
hate Nolan so much now, she had not thought about marrying him. Seeing that she was still hesitating,
Nolan frowned slightly. “Zee, our children are already so big, can’t I give you an official title?” Maisie

wanted to say something while a deep voice sounded. “I haven’t agreed to that!” Rowena and Titus had
just come back from outside, and they probably heard what Nolan said t o Maisie. Thus, Titus snorted
and said, “Your woman has yet to pass my test, and you’ve already made up your mind to marry her. I
won’t allow that.”

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