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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 258

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Chapter 258

Maisie’s expression changed when Nolan was mentioned, but she smiled to avoid making Stephen
worry and said, “I told the kids.”

Stephen nodded.

“Dad, why don’t you hire a housekeeper? If we had a housekeeper, you could have more rest.” Maisie
changed the subject. Stephen waved his hand around, “I’m getting used to having a lot of time on my
hands. It’s nice to do something since I have the time.”

Maisie looked down, but something came to her mind. “Why don’t I let the children come and spend
time with you? You’ve never seen them.”

Stephen paused but smiled. “Yes, I haven’t met them. Would the children… hate me?”

“No. Even though they’re young, they’re smart.” She wouldn’t have thought of letting the kids visit the
Vanderbilt manor in the past, but things were different now.

The doorbell rang.

Stephen got up to get the door but was stunned when he saw who was at the door. “Mr. Goldmann?”
Maisie’s face dropped when she saw Nolan. ‘He got here quickly. Wasn’t he happily at The Jade Store
with Rowena just now?’ Stephen brought him in and was going to say something to Maisie when he
saw her put down her spoon and fork and go upstairs.

Nolan frowned. Was this woman really angry?

“Did something happen between you and Zee?” Stephen asked. Was there a conflict?

Nolan smiled. “No, I’ll go and see her.” Stephen nodded, not getting in his way. He would let them settle
if it was just a minor disagreement.

When Nolan got to Maisie’s room, he saw her folding her blanket. His lips curled, and he walked to her
and hugged her from behind. “Are you really angry?” “Let go.” Maisie gnashed her teeth. “I won’t unless
you tell me why you’re angry. Did I do something, or was it about the agreement this morning?” Nolan,
who never questioned much, asked all kinds of questions to avoid being wrongly accused. Maisie took
a deep breath, pulled his hand away, turned around, and said, “Ask yourself. Why ask me?”

Nolan looked at her, not interested in an argument. He didn’t even care about who was right.“ I’m sorry.
It’s not that I don’t believe in you. I just didn’t want you to suffer in a place like that.”

Maisie wanted to say something but swallowed it. She was angry, but was that considered an apology?
And he thought it was about that morning? “Zee, please forgive me. Alright?” Nolan coaxed. The
innocent look on his absolutely handsome face matched with his sincerity shot right into her heart.
Maisie didn’t have the heart to scold him no matter how angry she was. If his attitude were hard like it
was before, she probably wouldn’t have felt that she was wrong. However, she now felt as though she
would be wrong to be angry about something that didn’t matter.

“Why did you come?” Maisie crossed her arms and looked away. She couldn’t understand why she
would cave for this cheater. “Aren’t you going to join the troops? I want to spend the night with you—”
Maisie put her finger to his lips before he could finish and looked at him. “Shouldn’t you let m e rest well
knowing that I’m going to join the troops’ training tomorrow?” She didn’t want to go for the training while
feeling sore all over. Nolan held onto her delicate hand and kissed the back of it. “Alright, I promise that
you’ll rest well tonight.”

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