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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 264

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Chapter 264

‘I really want to see my wife. I miss her a lot on the first day she is away.’

Quincy rolled his eyes helplessly. “Mr. Goldmann, Ms. Vanderbilt will only stay there for half a month,
not for a few years…”

‘Wouldn’t Mr. Goldmann lose his mind if she were to have to stay there for a few years?”

There was a knock on the door of the office, and Rowena walked in.

She then walked forward with a smile. “Nolan, Grandpa is going to take a trip back to the Goldmann
family estate, and Ms. Vanderbilt isn’t here either. He specially entrusted me to go fetch the three
children at night.”

Nolan frowned slightly.

‘The three kids don’t like Rowena. They’ll definitely make a fuss if she goes to pick them up.’ He
responded lightly, “There’s no need for you to do so. I’ll pick them up tonight and go to the Vanderbilt

He had promised Maisie that he would bring the child to visit Stephen whenever he had time.

Rowena’s expression did not change when he rejected her offer. “Well then, I’ll go back first.” The
moment she turned around, the smile on the corners of her lips faded away, and her face turned

When she walked to the elevator, she took out her cell phone and made a call expressionlessly.
“Wynnie, are you still in the training camp? Yes, I’m back. I’ll go to the training camp to visit you

The next day…

Raven and Maisie were walking on the field. “We’re going to start field training tomorrow. Sis Maisie,
have you thought about who you want to team up with?”

“No. We’ll see what the instructor’s arrangement will look like.”

During field training, trainees would be sent to a concentration camp deep in the mountains, and they
needed to form a team of two. It did not matter to Maisie how she would be assigned. After all, she only
needed to complete the task. Maisie and Raven were walking toward the ground floor of their room
when they suddenly saw a familiar figure approaching.

It was none other than Rowena.

“Ms. Vanderbilt, what a coincidence. Is everything going well in the training camp these two days?”
Rowena put on a faint smile on her face.

Raven did not know Rowena, but she thought she was good-looking, so she took a few more glances.

‘The beauty of this woman feels rather aggressive. Of course, Sis Maisie doesn’t look too bad

herself. It’s just that her looks seem more elegant and intellectual.’

Maisie did not have a good impression of Rowena, but she did not have any bad mentality about her
either as she was not familiar with her. “Yes, everything has been going quite well. What brings you
here to the training camp, Ms. Summers?” “I came to visit a friend of mine. After all, I was trained in this
camp before. Speaking of the training camp, Nolan was there before.” Rowena stroked her long hair
and moved them behind her.

When Maisie saw the white jade ring on her thumb, her eyes turned slightly cold. “That white jade
ring… It was the one that Nolan bought at The Jade Store.’ Maisie’s expression looked gloomy. ‘So she
deliberately brought her ring along to show it off to me?’ Rowena noticed her gaze, raised her hand that
was wearing the white jade ring, and touched the cold white jade ring. “Are you staring at this ring? I’m
sorry, I thought this white jade ring looked good while we were at The Jade Store the other day, but I
didn’t expect Nolan to buy it.” “Really? It does somewhat suit you,” Maisie turned around and was
about to leave, but Rowena stopped her. “Ms. Vanderbilt, please don’t misunderstand. After all, Nolan
and I have known each other since we were kids.”

Maisie stopped for a split second.

‘This woman keeps on reminding me that she and Nolan are childhood friends. Is she implying the “first
come, first serve” system?’

Maisie turned around, looked at her, and gave off an ear-to-ear grin. “There’s nothing to be
misunderstood. It’s just…”

She narrowed her eyes. “You don’t have to mention the friendship that you have with him to m e this
deliberately. No matter how close the both of you are, you’re still just his childhood friend.” 2 Maisie
walked into the building after saying that, while Raven caught up to her immediately.

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