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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 272

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Chapter 272

Maisie did not speak. Nolan thought of something, took the white jade ring out of his pocket, took her
hand, and slowly put it on for her. “I just want to give you a present today, take a look at this. Do you

Maisie’s expression changed instantly when she saw the white jade ring on her thumb. ‘Do I like it?

Maisie sat up, removed the ring, and smashed it on the floor. Nolan’s expression instantly turned
gloomy when the white jade ring shattered. He grasped her wrist, and the burning wrath at the bottom
of his eyes was terrifying. “Maisie Vanderbilt, don’t take my indulgence for you for granted!” “What do
you take me for?” Maisie stared straight at his murderous glare with her bloodshot eyes and said with a
hint of mockery. “Nolan, don’t take me for a fool! Didn’t you and Rowena go to The Jade Store just to
buy this ring for her?

“Not only was it a present for her, but you also gave something she wore before this to me? Do you
take me for a beggar and just give anything that others don’t want to me?”

Nolan was taken aback for a while.

‘What does she mean? Since when did this white jade ring turn into a gift from me to Rowena? And
Rowena had worn this white jade ring?’ Nolan’s dry lips slowly opened upon thinking of something.
“Zee, I—” “I don’t want to see you now. Pick up the trash that she had worn and get out!” Maisie was
lying on the bed with her back facing him, but she did not know why she was feeling so upset deep

It was as if something had accumulated at the bottom of her heart over a long time. There would have
been no issue if it was not touched, but once it was stroked, it broke, and the emotions wrapped up in it

gushed out all at once.

‘I could pretend that the white jade ring did not exist, but giving me the thing that she had worn before
this? Who does he take me for? An ignorant and innocent little girl?’

Nolan’s stretched hand stopped mid-air. He slowly retracted it after a short pause and stood u p stiffly.
“You can throw it away if you want to do so. I’ve never wanted to give this jade ringt o Rowena. It’s
always been for you.” Seeing that Maisie did not move at all, he stared at her. “Have a good rest.”
Maisie bit her lip upon hearing the sound of someone walking away and the door closing behind her. At
that moment, she clearly knew that her sentiments and even her heart had been affected by Nolan…

Nolan returned to the car, and he became gradually agitated emotionally.

He knew that Maisie was by no means an unreasonable woman. Since she had said something like
that, it meant that something that he did not know about must have happened.

He thought of something, picked up his cell phone, and made a call. “Quincy, help me visit The Jade
Store and find out exactly when the white jade ring I bought was delivered. You’re not allowed to
disclose the investigation of this matter to anyone else.” Rowena was included in the word “anyone”.

After ending the call, Nolan’s eyes were as cold as ice. *D*mn, I was really careless.’

It was not until ten o’clock at night that Maisie calmed down a little bit. She put the broken jade ring on
the table and recalled what Nolan had said. ‘He didn’t give the jade ring to Rowena, but I clearly saw…
Forget it, don’t think about it.’ She put the broken jade ring in a bag. ‘I’ll get Cherie to bring it back to
Nolan some other day.’ Maisie looked out the window. It was already so dark, and Raven still had not
returned. ‘Did something happen to her? Although she and Raven had just been great companions for
the past few days, she thought she should go and look for her as her roommate.

Maisie went out to find Raven. She then saw two ladies talking to each other while coming upstairs at
the stairwell entrance. As soon as she heard them mentioning Raven, Maisie stood i n the stairwell and
blocked their way.

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